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Tim Pool is a leftist gaming right wing and normal Americans to make money from them. He is openly discussing suing his old co-host for exposing his Polycule/harem. Tim runs a literal commune in the woods where all his employees have to sleep with him, don't get paid, and have to sign NDAs and noncompetes. Tim also invited TheQuartering on, made him fly out and then refused to bring him on air because he didn't want to spend 2 hours reading Tim's show notes. Tim has invited Alex Jones on and then badmouthed him because the Livestream got demonetized on YouTube. Tim recently invited Kanye West on and accused him of staging a walkout and stealing cookies. Imagine, a rich guy like Kanye going onto a show and grabbing some cookies in the greenroom and then being accused of stealing food from the commune. What a communist faggot.