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Testosteroneape2000 71 points ago +75 / -4

And yet the west claims to be the good guys.

HumanSomewhere 42 points ago +55 / -13

There are no good guys. Sad to say. Turn to God. Man is corrupt

Elencher 59 points ago +65 / -6

The guys outlawing faggotry seem pretty good to me.

45ForEver2024 -3 points ago +16 / -19

ISIS and Taliban has been doing it since forever. You should go seek comfort in their wonderful countries.

OrangeElvis 10 points ago +11 / -1

I dont think Russia is outlawing sexual deviancy - just the promotion of it .. Big difference, and one I agree with personally if not politically.. I think you can legally draw the line around children as a "no free speech" zone, however.. Promote whatever you want to other adults, but shut your whore mouth around the kids.

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