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The Virginia House of Delegates has answered Public Advocate’s call to action.

And now I need your help – right away!

As I’m sure you are well aware, the “transgender” agenda has become a scourge in our schools.

Teachers, administrators, and even councilors and therapists are all secretly encouraging young, vulnerable children to question their very identity and gender.

And these school employees are intentionally hiding this from parents.

Many of these confused kids are now going by completely different names once they reach school.

They are changing clothes into completely different wardrobes – all provided by the school.

And they are going through their day as the wrong gender.

Many schools have – without any authority to do so – adopted a code of silence when it comes to “transgender” students, actually telling teachers that they have an obligation to hide this from parents.

No, they are not lawyers or doctors – and even if they were, they would not be allowed to hide secrets from parents!

And the results of this agenda for one young Virginia girl was a horrible nightmare that will take years to recover from.

Sage was only 14 when everything started (her last name has been withheld from the press to protect her identity).

She started at Appomattox High School in August 2021 – where school officials chose to “transition” her within a single week of the year starting.

And they kept it entirely secret from the parents.

Sage became so confused and distraught that she ran away from home and straight into the hands of sex traffickers – traffickers it appears the school counselor introduced her to!

She was recovered in Maryland after nine days, but the judge there refused to return her home since she was now “transgender.”

After months of being held hostage by the court – in a boy’s facility where she was routinely assault -- Sage ran away again – right to another trafficker.

This time she was held in Texas for months and suffered the most horrible abuse before being rescued.

But even in the immediate aftermath of her trauma, counselors tried to force her to have her breasts permanently removed – to "affirm" her new gender.

They wanted to lock down her "gender identity" while they had her in their custody.

The long list of adults in official positions who manipulated and abused Sage all in the name of the "transgender" agenda is staggering -- and that's not counting the actual traffickers.

Public Advocate has warned for years about exactly this happening if schools continued down the "transgender" path.

There is so much more to this story that I want to share with you – but for today I need to focus on a critical legislative action.

Delegate Dave LaRock of Loudoun County, has written and introduced "Sage’s Law" for the House of Delegates to consider.

This law – named for the poor girl – will directly impede the ability of schools to force the “transgender” agenda on students while keeping it secret from parents.

This law will prevent school counselors from hiding a child’s gender identity from parents or from encouraging these underage students to hide it themselves.

It will require schools to notify parents immediately if a child is asserting a gender different from their biological sex.

And it will clarify that it is not criminal child abuse for a parent to deny a “transgender” identity for their child, i.e. to raise them according to their biological sex.

Virginia needs Sage’s Law.

In fact, America need's Sage's Law -- but one step at a time.

Sage is just one of countless children who are being preyed upon by activist teachers and counselors – who are being turned over to sexual predators using “gender confusion” as a gateway.

The rights of parents must be upheld to raise their children.

Sage’s Law (HB 2432) is scheduled to be voted on tomorrow – and I need you to contact your Delegate right away and tell them you expect their full support for this bill.

Just click here and enter your address to find your Delegate and their contact info. Virginia needs to set the example for the rest of the country.

For the Family, Eugene Delgaudio HON. EUGENE DELGAUDIO President, Public Advocate of the U.S.