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I was hired through a recruiter a week ago. I spoke to Hr for the new hire orientation she asked about my vaccine card and I told her I have a religious exemption ( she said nothing). A few hours later the recruiter who submitted my application and also has a close relationship with the CEO btw… called me. He said he made a mistake and was supposed to ask my vaccination status pre interview and if I said NO vaccine he wasn’t even allowed to submit my application. WELL HE DID NOT DO THAT and is now telling me to get the vax or the employer will terminate me. He also OFF THE RECORD” told me there’s a class action lawsuit from employees who were fired “it’s hush hush “ he told me. He is saying this Novavax vaccine doesn’t have aborted fetal tissue so I should get that COVID JAB because it doesn’t interfere with my religious belief. Apparently the NOVAVAX SHOT IS BEING TOUTED AS THE “Christian friendly shot” This is a six figure job and I haven’t worked in a year! 🚨🚨UPDATE THEY FIRED ME YESTERDAY 🚨🚨