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To start I want to say thank you to my fellow patriots who supported with compassion and encouragement this past week after my first post about this situation before I was terminated.( PLEASE SEE PREVIOUS POST).

I was hired on 2/23/23 and terminated on 3/3/23 a little over a week into my job. I haven’t worked in almost a year as I was tending to my wife and her illness. So to say I desperately needed a job is an understatement. I have a 21+ year successful career in the medical device industry selling to surgeons, hospitals, and all aspects of healthcare. I was overly optimistic about working for a company that had reached out to me via a recruiter and paid a handsome salary + commissions. He forgot to ask my vaccination status and after almost a month long interview process, getting hired and flown out to 🍊 County CA for the NSM as well… I had a new hire zoom with HR . It was revealed in her request for a vax card that I a religious objection and exemption to the vaccine. (See previous post)

I was fired within 48 hrs!

I explained to my(MAGA) wife why I wasn’t willing to get a fake vax card or pay some money to have someone to fake give the vaccine ( we both have plenty of friends in this industry that could and would help us). She totally agreed and without hesitation we wrote the email to the company and explained why I would not be getting the vax. As a Bible thumping born again I am commanded to be the head of my household! My wife and children saw what it meant to do what God wants me to do by never giving into fear and trusting in GOD ! Even if it means significant financial harm.

I gained more by showing my wife and kids that our faith in our creator is the foundation of our family and home and HE will provide. I will find a new and better job soon because our father in heaven loves us. (THE SLATY ARMY LIVES!!!!!) Thank you patriots.win family