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WOW we have had quite a week and it seems like this evening is a flurry of activity. I am sure many of what should be the top posts of the week are happening right now, but before I get to that I think I ought to say something about Monday and Tucker. Tucker, it seems, began the week doing the right thing. He released some tapes which showed concerned citizens being escorted around the Capital. Whatever you have to say about the "Shaman" it doesn't seem like he was attacking the Capital or leading the worst attack on the nation since 1812. Not once did I see AOC's life in danger or Pence's family being assaulted.

Well that was Monday. Tuesday we heard from Schumer, Mitch (the turtle) among others. They lead the story with how Tucker is endangering lives by showing these tapes that the January 6th commission didn't even watch.... Now it was believed that we would see more videos on Tuesday and perhaps more the rest of the week. Really we didn't, Monday was all we got. I think many were quick to jump on Tucker for the lack of videos but personally I think that problem goes much higher up the FOX food chain. What threats were made what deals were done? You and I? We will never know. We are the public that have been awoken but forgotten by those who should be leading us.

There were some other stories during the middle of the week. Turtle fell over. NYC is pulling a groundhog day and prosecuting Trump again. This time for some Stormy bull crap and a bank failed.

That bank failure gets us to today. SVB, a rather large bank, made some poor investments and bad choices. Anytime you walk into a bank in the US you can see a sticker on the door that says all your money in the bank is insured and protected up to 250,000. Now if you have over that amount in the bank you lose a percentage of that amount when the bank fails. You can recoup some money over that 250k when the government or whomever buys the bank sells assets of the bank. Rarely do you get everything back.

This evening, after said she wouldn't this morning, the secretary of the treasury basically bailed out SVB. So all those poor companies with investments into diversity and woke programs have now gotten their money back, or will tomorrow. Where will that money come from? Well remember when you worked 12 hours on Friday and it was 32 degrees out? Well Roku thanks you for paying your part in their bad decisions. Your children who will have to work 60 hour weeks to better their lives for your grandchildren will have to pay for those wineries who cared more about being in a "woke" bank than prudent financial decisions will be paying for these (now 2) bailouts.

In a week where we had a journalist grilled in front of the House about his reporting on twitter files the House now holds a Zoom meeting and is attempting to censor the internet and social media so that the bank runs do not continue. So that the generations of your family do not have to further pay for the mistakes of the Biden administration.

Okay.... I could go on all night and voice my feelings about this farce but I need to get to the top ten of the week.

1.Elon isn't on our side, but he's a friend of a friend

2.Kentucky it is time to flip the turtle


4.Schumer is wrong again

5.J6 is a lie

6.Jane Fonda wants you dead

7.Elon is waking others up

8.Let our people go

9.Kevin is going to release the footage even if they got to Tucker's bosses


thank you all for being here

Have a great week