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If Donald Trump wishes to win the 2024 presidential election, there are several changes he could consider making compared to his 2020 campaign. It's important to note that these suggestions do not reflect my personal opinion but are aimed at addressing the concerns of various segments of the electorate:

Unify the message: Present a clear, consistent message that highlights policy priorities and addresses major issues that matter to the citizens, such as the economy, healthcare, and national security.

Expand the coalition: Reach out to diverse groups, including racial and ethnic minorities, young people, and moderate voters, and demonstrate a genuine commitment to addressing their concerns and needs.

Address COVID-19: Develop a comprehensive plan to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on vaccine distribution, economic recovery, and public health measures.

Civil discourse and tone: Adopt a more respectful and measured tone in public communications, avoiding divisive rhetoric and personal attacks. This approach could appeal to voters who may appreciate policies but are put off by divisive language.

Focus on policy achievements: Emphasize previous policy successes and outline future proposals to demonstrate the potential benefits of another term in office.

Use social media responsibly: Engage with social media platforms in a measured and responsible manner, avoiding controversies and focusing on communicating policy ideas and positive messaging.

Conduct a ground game: Invest in grassroots organizing, with boots on the ground in key states to energize the base and gain support from undecided voters.

Counter disinformation: Work with campaign staff and media outlets to dispel false narratives and disinformation that may have contributed to electoral losses in 2020.

Address election security: Support efforts to ensure fair and secure elections, so that there is confidence in the electoral process from all sides.

Cooperation and bipartisanship: Demonstrate a willingness to work with both parties in Congress to pass legislation that benefits the American people, showcasing a collaborative approach to governance.

By considering these changes, Donald Trump may be able to build broader support and increase his chances of winning the 2024 presidential election. However, success would also depend on numerous external factors, such as the state of the economy, global events, and the popularity and strategies of the opposing candidate(s).