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I'll try to keep it brief but it's been a hell of a journey. In August 2021, my husband decided he was done being a lab rat for the Navy and big Pharma. He submitted the religious accomodation for any and ALL future vaccines. Immediately the segregation and discrimination began. Being made to test when others didn't, having to sit in hotels to "quarantine" when the vaccinated guys/guys didn't, made to mask when others were not, etc. We knew when he submitted the paperwork that it would ultimately end in separation. As lawsuits began to come out, he wanted nothing to do with them. His brother had offered him a job at his company at the same time he submitted his religious accomodation. He just wanted to be separated as quickly as possible to move on with our lives. When the lawsuit put a halt on separations, he followed the guidance that would withdraw his accommodation to continue separation. He waived the administrative separation board in exchange for an honorable separation. Everything seemed to be moving along, he was not deploying with his command and was temporarily sent elsewhere. In April 2022 he completed TAPS. In July 2022 he was asked to submit his separation evaluation and he did. On September 1st he received a ten day letter which typically means he has roughly ten days left of service. It also allows him to complete medical screening. I closed my small business in anticipation for us starting our new life. And then crickets... His command stopped communicating with him. He didn't hear from his command again until January 3rd where his chief informed my husband that my husband had made chief and no one told him. Chief results came out in July, 6 months prior! My husband didn't believe it because his name wasn't on the official list but eventually, on March 7, 2023, it was confirmed he HAD made chief from the captain of the ship himself. This information was withheld from him for no reason other than what we assume were his medical and religious choices. On March 7th as well he was told he needed to sit with legal and medical and sign paperwork to refuse the flu vaccine. Little did his command know we had put together a timeline full of receipts showing that the command had already acknowledged his refusal for ALL vaccines back in 2021. He laid everything out for them on how he wasn't signing anymore documents refusing this or that. The command dropped the ball for two years and my husband had had enough. He went from being the head of every department on the ship, being sailor of the quarter (and ultimately robbed of sailor of the year because he wasn't deployed with them), to having amazing evaluations to being a nobody. He told the captain he wanted to continue the process of separation as he had no trust in anyone in that command any longer. They immediately began processing his separation and backdating everything to September when he SHOULD have been out. As of today, he is a civilian. 13 years of service, 6 deployments totalling 3 years gone, an earned rank of chief that was never told to him, so much sacrifice on the part of myself and our children, etc. There's so so much more to the story but that's the main part of it. It's been a long and emotional battle but we can finally say that part of our lives is behind us now. His new job will take him away from home a bit as well but we homeschool and are looking forward to going with him from time to time and learning about other states and their histories. It's scary right now because so much is unknown and he was the primary income, but I know in my heart it'll be okay and it'll all work out. He did what was right and it'll pay off. It already has in that his health is intact. Today he told me, "I don't feel sad. I feel betrayed."