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I was absolutely enraged to learn my TX Rep voted to impeach Paxton. Here's how I am fighting back. I'm going to every gun range in my district, putting up a poster on the gate of my truck with his face on a bud light can, explaining that Paxton was the only AG to stand up to the 2020 stolen election, and by impeaching him they are stealing 2024.

Im also gonna create flyers and stickers. The reps face on Budlight can with text Rep ... voted to impeach AG Paxton so 2024 could be stolen. F!@# his betrayal, F!@# his political career.

--Edit I am calling all republican Texas State Senators, and letting them know that I was angry to learn that my state congressman did this and that I will be printing stickers and flyers with his face on a Bud Light can as having betrayed his voters. I am letting every state senator know that the lens which we view this through is not an impeachment for corruption but 2024 Battlescaping. AG Paxton fought the 2020 election theft, and Kari lake lost a corrupt election in AZ, We see the removal of AG Paxton as taking person fighting corruption in 2024 off the board. We see anyone impeaching him as literally fighting for corrupt elections. At the end I remind this is how the people see it and not any narrative flying around Austin.

All Texans please join me in similar calls.


--Update I have created a Template and I have created a Meme, as far as memes go it's only so-so perhaps people can help me spice it. I am but humble entry level meme-smith