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My father died suddenly yesterday. He was 72.

I don't care if this doesn't get a single like, but I just feel like he'd want this to be known, somewhere in the ether.

You guys and gals are awesome. Dad and I both browsed Patriots.Win nearly everyday. I got him onto it back in 2017. He still called it "The Donald"

Towards the end, dad didn't have much mobility, lived alone, and stayed at home mostly. I'd visit him all the time. I'd help set him up with youtube and a few other sites to help him pass the time in retirement.

Anytime I set up his computer for him, he'd always insist that Patriots.win was saved into his browser bookmark tab. He didn't know how to do it himself.

Dad loved the memes. He loved the jokes. He loved the community and the comments.

He'd ring me up and chat about any particularly funny ones, or just to shoot the breeze with me.

It was a point of commonality together. When I was at work he'd ring me up with any 'big happenings' and we'd yarn about it, we'd laugh about it together, or talk about how fucked things were.

It hasn't quite set in that I'll never hear him call me again and say "Hey! You should check out the Donald!" before describing the latest shitpost in great detail.

You guys are truly awesome. The Meme-lords, the shitposters, the witty comments, the community.

You gave him a lot, for absolutely nothing.

This place, and all of you, will always hold a special place in my heart for that for that.

Don't ever stop. Don't ever give up the faith. Trump 2024.

So to everyone here, all the way from the other side of the Planet


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