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A few months ago I made a post about my five year old being diagnosed with DIPG, a terminal incurable brain tumor. He passed yesterday. I wanted to thank everyone who prayed for him and us, for all of the info posted (which we tried everything possible to save him). Thank you all so much, from the bottom of our hearts. And may God bless you all and your families.

Edited to add thank you all for your kind words. Except this one particular comment from a tolerant and loving leftist:

Jesus from u/RedState_Shitholes - 3m Jesus hated your son. Jesus hates all conservatives.

Imagine being gleeful about the death of a five year old because his parents are conservative. That’s leftists for you, though. Too bad this person doesn’t have the balls to say it to my face. Come to NWFL and say it to my face. Name your time and place. I’ll be there. Another kind message from this guy today:

If Jesus loved your son, why did he send him to HELL? Your son will burn for eternity in the depths of hell, and it is your fault.

Still waiting for him to name his time and place…

Edited again to add that u/cookiemonsters said this is fake. If the mods want proof they can message me and I can provide it. I’m not asking for money or anything, just wanted to thank all of those who supported me with their prayers and kindness in what’s the absolute worst time in my life. That’s literally all I wanted to do. Anyone who would lie about their five year old child’s horrific death is pure evil and it isn’t me. Unfortunately this is all too real. I wish it wasn’t. But thanks again to those of you who have been so kind. It means the world to me and my family.

Edited to add one more:

“Why are you posting about your sick son on an anonymous message board? You really are a loser.”

Thank u/Flptplt, for those oh so kind words! Hope you wind up where you so truly deserve to be. Maybe you can come along with u/RedStateShitholes to say it to me in person??