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I've been trying to order new gym clothes for the past year or so, but all the brands I used to buy when I was a kid (Hollister, forever 21, pacsun, zumiez) are trying to push this new gender neutral unisex line and it makes me uncomfortable handing my money over to them. Hollister started sending me emails asking me to donate money to make schools safe for LGBT children K-12. That just means they want to spring the subject on kindergartners and get them brainwashed as young as possible and it makes me furious. I cant wear any of these brands anymore, and the more I think about it, all of this stuff is made in Asia, especially gym clothes made of hard to pronounce petro chemicals. All of it is made in sweat shops and is part of the evil machine that is the fashion industry. It's a hard red pill to swallow. Anyway, until I can get a nice sewing machine and start making my own clothing, anybody have any suggestions where I can purchase clothing and not help fuel the globalist revolution? Or if anybody just wants to rant about the clothing industry, that's cool too.

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1776united.com has some good stuff

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hard to do. I just make sure it wasn't made in china!!! Fuck china. China asshoe!

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Haha I bought a bunch of trump merchandise from a guy with a tent on the side of the road. I got home and looked at it all closer and it allll said MADE IN CHINA. Even the fanny pack I bought had the words "KEEP AMTRICACREAT" at the bottom. I laughed pretty hard at that one.

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I used to like some Eileen Fisher clothing until the brand went insane with this kind of virtue-signaling crap. Now they're promoting their brand as "Clothes That Fight Climate Change," claiming their regenerative wool will actually help to restore grasslands in Patagonia. Hahahaha!

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Oh my God what a scam hahaha

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It's terrible. It's one of my big beefs with retail today. Every transaction has to have some virtuous outgrowth instead of just "buyer wants product that seller has." I think retailers discovered that mushy headed millennials are more inclined to purchase things if they believe they are benefiting someone/something else.

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The All American Clothing Company. Made in the USA. Great quality and fantastic customer service. I just purchased 10 of their shirts and could not be happier.

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Originmaine.com - their entire supply chain is 100% USA based and everything is made in Maine.

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Those jeans look tempting. It's tough to buy clothes online and worry about how well they fit, however, but the cut on those jeans looks great.

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I haven’t bought any clothes yet, but I have purchased 4 jiu Jitsu gis from them. Customer service has been great as I’ve had to do 2 exchanges and had no issues. Also nice to train in a gi that isn’t made in Pakistan or China.

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It's hard, I want plain, well fitting clothing with minimal branding.

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Hi there! Recently I have switched over to clothes made by companies I feel much better supporting. So far I am loving Nine line, Grunt style, black rifle coffee company, and 13 Fifty apparel. I am sure there are more out there so I would be happy to hear of any other great companies too😀 hope this helps!


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Thanks. I'm about to buy a black rifle coffee co. Mug for my bf for christmas. I love coffee lol.

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Their coffee is great!! The mocha and espresso with cream cans are amazing!! I am a total coffee addict🤣I have several shirts from them as well and they are super comfortable and great quality. Really fantastic all around company and they make the funniest damn commercials!

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