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I've been trying to order new gym clothes for the past year or so, but all the brands I used to buy when I was a kid (Hollister, forever 21, pacsun, zumiez) are trying to push this new gender neutral unisex line and it makes me uncomfortable handing my money over to them. Hollister started sending me emails asking me to donate money to make schools safe for LGBT children K-12. That just means they want to spring the subject on kindergartners and get them brainwashed as young as possible and it makes me furious. I cant wear any of these brands anymore, and the more I think about it, all of this stuff is made in Asia, especially gym clothes made of hard to pronounce petro chemicals. All of it is made in sweat shops and is part of the evil machine that is the fashion industry. It's a hard red pill to swallow. Anyway, until I can get a nice sewing machine and start making my own clothing, anybody have any suggestions where I can purchase clothing and not help fuel the globalist revolution? Or if anybody just wants to rant about the clothing industry, that's cool too.

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1776united.com has some good stuff