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She's right.

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-f-b-i-'s office is on tv 5 in our surveillance center. let's just say there is no danger of burn in on that screen.

because of all the gay sex.

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Their content mirrors the manifesto of the recent Brooklyn shooter. I'm not using hyperbole. It's the same rhetoric. The site is full of it.

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lol you couldn't sound more insane if you tried


fucking psycho. you try to do a mass shooting around me and i'll gut you in town square as an example to all of the other incels who think they want to be famous.

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You're bipolar schizophrenic. Get a crazy check so you can sit at home all day and terrorize vulnerable internet forums.

Really the only thing that makes sense.

Why are you monitoring old, inactive threads?

Why do you constantly delete and repost the same comments over and over.. all day long.. every single day?

Something is seriously wrong with you, and whatever it is it's all the Jews' fault.

Right? Because that's the only reality you can accept without blowing your brains out.

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Will do my friend

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I'm looking for programmers who are actually MAGA to help recreate TD as it once was so that true pedes have a place to go.

It doesn't matter what this place presents itself as - if the mods won't enforce the rules and protect MAGA culture it will always be ovverrun by edgelord fuckheads.

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This place is fucked, dude, and the mods aren't going to do anything about it. They only keep the donald theme to lure in new users to make their new platform numbers look good.

It's a bait and switch.

This hasn't actually been the donald for a year and a half now.

Took me far too long to come to terms with that.

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If it grows into a child without outside intervention then killing it is homicide.

That's my condensed view.

Cells from my tongue won't. My semen (sorry for that image) won't. An egg won't.

A fertilized egg very well might. A zygote almost certainly will.

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I had a comment immediately removed warning that people were seen changing into Trump gear in the bushes. They said they were afraid it would get innocent people attacked.

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There were lots of kids, parents, and elderly people who were there simply for Trump's rally and people wanted to march through them with guns to aggro the DC cops?

Makes no sense. Those weren't Trump supporters pushing that crap.

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I made a comment on the jan6 post here back then saying a bunch of innocent normies would get hurt if a bunch of guns were brought to DC.

The comment was downvoted to -60 within just a few minutes. Now I know why.

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4chan hates America. They will do anything that helps "accelerate" its destruction. They are not our friends.

They haven't been since 2018.

This forum is now a casualty of their war against us. Remember how it use to be and then take a look around. They made marks of a couple mods and got their hooks in.

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Not sure if you guys were around for the original laptop dump.. it was a hell of a thing to put it lightly.

We posted it everywhere and tried everything we could think of to get it through the tech blockade.

I even hid links in images and posted them on reddit and other places. Including here. Still lost my main reddit account to mods at r/conservative of all subs.

Point being this is just the beginning. Its been almost two years since the laptop from hell and its still not fully in the mainstream consciousness.

We're up against the the entire globalist media and intel complex with this kind of stuff. Literally.

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The salem witch trials were caused by gossiping, attention seeking, spiteful bitches. They caused the death and suffering of innocent men and women. It was an analog to the modern metoo movement.

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