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Tucker already nailed this, debate is over. It's "schlong covid". That's so perfect, nothing is really even in second place!

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I suspect this will be necessary in any case.

The media will utterly stonewall him, ghost him. Banned from every social media site, anyone repeating his statements also banned. No major media coverage, apart from critical lies without counter. He won't be allowed to debate, since they'll demand he cannot mention stolen elections or anything else that energizes his base.

No, I think his campaign will be a completely new system, never seen before. The MAGA conservatives will have to overcome a complete media blackout.

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Quite unlikely the rogue regime gives a rats ass about the actual rules. They have prosecutorial discretion, with judges, politicians, and the media in their pocket. Or vice versa. Either way, it results in two-tier justice, only prosecution of the regime's political enemies, the conservatives.

Leftists are free to act with impugnity.

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Truth is a complete defense in slander...

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If the POS had a weapon and shot a customer, then sure, it's a proxy self-defense thing. I'm just not clear in a situation like this... one single catastrophic punch, then the POS saunters away? Would it be reasonable to fire on the POS after the attack, as he's leaving? I don't think so. The POS isn't a threat to me, or really anyone else at that point.

It's just not easy to know, especially in the moment. Anyone who does carry needs to pre-make these decisions. That's why I have studied countless attacks like these, and still do so. A jury has days, weeks, months to second guess what you have to decide in seconds with limited information.

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Never relax....

On the other hand, at what point would I have been ready to fend off a devastating punch like that? Would I expect a physical assault by a counter worker? Maybe, but I don't know. My wife has better situational awareness than I do.

Even if you were carrying, at what point would it be "justified" to draw in that situation? Someone aggressively advancing on me, empty handed? I dunno...

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The leftists are dancing in the streets! They see no problem with this whatsoever.

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No one is saying the obvious. They have the charges ready to go. They needed to stage a "raid" to justify presenting their false evidence as real. They'll fabricate whatever it takes to frame Trump.

It's so obvious.

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It's not "Dark Brandon", it's "dim Brandon".

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Now I'm wondering about an ass vest, bulky or otherwise. Hmm...

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They couldn't own him. He had F-U money, didn't need their miserable graft-based system, and was exposing the slimy swamp creatures in government and media.

He poses an existential threat to the massive fraud system running the US today.

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I can see this going kinetic. I don't know how much more provocation the country can withstand.

This right after the Democrats misuse "budget reconciliation" to pass a massive tax increase weaponizing the IRS with doubling of staff and massive budget increase. Claiming to "reduce inflation" caused by deficit spending by doing... MORE deficit spending!

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Heh. Well, that's no doubt true!

Games shouldn't be a life simulation. We have actual life to experience all of that misery!

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So the perp is black. The lead photo shows 4 white people. The entire article avoids mentioning the perp's race until the very end. Gotta imply it was a white person, of course.

Even then, the article only quotes someone else mentioning the perp's race in conjunction with the t-shirt purchase: "The suspect was described by Secret Service agents as a black male, approximately 25-30 years old. Based on law enforcement databases, only one customer fit the description: Sterling Carter."

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Leftists do not experience disgust. My reaction to this picture was immediate and unconscious, immediate and strong disgust. Nightmarish, visceral, disgust.

And yet leftists? That teacher/groomer has smug delight on her face. No trace of any realization how distorted the clown's appearance is. This is supposed to be accepted as "normal"?

There are many studies saying the same thing. Leftists have very minimal disgust responses.

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The southern wall didn't somehow line the right pockets, it seems. Dems want to import voters, Repubs want cheap labor to hold pay rates down.

Everyone but the actual US citizens benefits from unrestricted illegal immigration. In fact, shouldn't we dispense with calling any of it "illegal"? It's just unrestricted immigration, since without any penalty is it really illegal?

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Oh, ok, right! I forgot about those cards. Thanks for that!

So, I guess I'd make the property taxes a more central part of the game. Every round, like real life, they should be seen as central drivers and costs of "owning" property. Maybe make them less of a lightning-strike calamity, but an everyday cost that means players are never truly owners of their properties.

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The game is missing a crucial element - property taxes. Every time you pass "Go", you should have to pay property taxes on all the properties you "own". If you can't pay the tax, the Bank would seize your properties and auction them off to the highest bidder.

It would change the dynamics of owning all the properties!

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This has revealed so many monsters. This self-righteous Godzilla has flown under the radar most of her life, no doubt. But now we see these terrible creatures for what they are. God help us all.

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Yep, that's why they insist "no one dies from the injections". Within two weeks, "unvaccinated". Beyond two weeks, "too long to be blamed on the vaccine". They've created definitions to hide reality. Exactly what Orwell cautioned about.

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What is it with the arrogant fascists doing a Mussolini, looking down their nose like that? It's kind of a strange gesture, not seen much in normal life.

There are a number of photos of Preezy BO doing it too.

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