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We are being destroyed from within.

States must re-assert their rights.

We are the United States of America, not Federal America.

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With the Hunter Bonus Box: every third pack has an underage girl in it to go with the other two packs of cocaine and fentanyl.

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The medical industrial complex is as corrupt as the big pharma mafia and the healthcare insurance scam . Take care of your own health. Emergency care for severe injury is all most really need to have available. Death from chronic illness for those that have it, ie cancer, organ failures, etc are often only temporarily delayed usually at the cost of quality of life. Life itself is a death sentence for all of us.

Insulin and epi-pens should be free.

Some folks won't like these thoughts. Boohoo.

Fuck Joe Biden

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We do need more energy here, I myself need to be contributing more.

Preparing for Xiden's long, dark winter has had my focus for a bit.

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People looking to be offended will find it. Fuck it. Sir.

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In nature, mutations are natural and lead to advancements in the lineage in response to environmental changes to ensure survival.

Logic wins.

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Once they cross the border, they are no longer a migrant, they are an illegal.

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Ever seen how much oil is sprayed on the ground when new paving happens? Shit tons.

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America's chosen mafia. Elected by fools. Funded by tax slaves. Mocked by all.

FJB by Trick
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I like taco bell gut cramps far more than demented Joe xiden.

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Lol. Ride hard, cowboy.

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This needs to be made into stickers and put everywhere.

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One thing I learned a long time ago, it's much easier to lasso a person than it is a pissed off running bull. A person is almost impossible to miss, lol, especially on top of a well trained horse. Ahh, the fun of a wild youth. Honda knot is perfect.

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Today day I learned letting got of the right rein to grab a fleeing illegal is whipping. Weird.

Ps. I have a dozen horses and a lasso. Illegal got off lucky with a shirt grab.

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Fuck the fbi

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Fuck the deep state, fuck globalism, fuck Islam. All of these are incompatible what America was created to be.

Never forget

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