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Definitely an all or nothing proposition. Either all women are prevented from voting, or republican women need to be convinced to do it for the greater good.

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A very rare genetic disorder, which most of this same crowd would happily abort at 9 months.

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All that money came from the CCP via Chinese students making small donations.

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The important thing is that their core theory that more population == more GDP has failed catastrophically. Now we are left we huge ghettos the sizes of small cities that contribute nothing to the country and would stab us in the back the second we went to war. England is dead. It serves as a warning to the rest of the world: multiculturalism is death.

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I think you just got a different fact check. It reads now:

This tweet is factually incorrect. Trump raised $25M in 2019. Removing large donors, it's still $14M. Furthermore half of Gov. DeSantis' donations came via donor event that started in advance of the Space. Pres. Joe Biden raised $6.3M toping DeSantis' online donations

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Still there for me, although the note itself has changed to a more in depth version.

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That was a thought I had too. Did he sabotage deSnackbar's announcement? We know Spaces can handle millions of users already, it happened with the BBC interview.

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We seriously live in a world where these "leaks" could be AI generated. Scary times.

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People keep saying it's "Target". I doubt upper management even know what's going on. These are young white liberal retard women working in offices doing all the buying and advertising, and being protected by equally dumb women in HR departments. They've probably metooed all the men out of the company and now their brains are falling out and they are taking the company with them.

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The True Believers don't expect any of this.

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Remember, diversity is our STRENGTH. Look how weak those homogenous cultures are!

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Yeah, the magna carta was special if it was adhered to. All this shit gets watered down over the ages. It's a constant battle for the people of every country. America is so young it's only just now learning it. Did you think you'd be different somehow?

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The US really does lionise their constitution. It's not that special. Many countries have many wonderful systems of government. They are all corruptible. They are all flawed.

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