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Yeah...sc has already shown its colors...YUGE disappointment

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Must be good in bed...made the gun prematurely discharge...😆

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The more intelligent sub saharan tribes clubbed the dumbest most useless brutes from other tribes and sold them to Arabs who sold them to Americans. In the words of Geotus....they weren't sending their best...

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I dont see Kyle lying....even at the behest of his lawyers. ...the q shit needs to be laid to bed. Its unraveling...there were some truths that q laid out. But the constant disinformation and grifting is discrediting the truth that existed

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I farted exactly a year before gas prices went up....that means I predicted high gas prices....

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By his logic he supports rape because he's a Jogger

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I don't see them much differently....im a combat veteran 3 tours, and when a foreigner lectures me on maga politics I have a strong urge to break his face...its like look, look how fucked and commie your own country is....I don't need help from someone who couldn't save his own country. I get what you are saying....but I'm a firm believer that the best people in the world are American patriots. I love you guys...no homo...

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What pisses me off is 3/4 of these dumb motherfuckers are from Canada/Australia/England....running their jaws about MAGA politics...

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If they weren't so obnoxious and arrogant it wouldn't be quite so bad...but they think those of us who don't follow q are either drinkers of baby blood...ore cia agents....its very exhausting

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I'm saying the concept is so fucking stupid i truly feel bad for these people who believe that a secret military operation would post publicly on an internet forum using a civilian energy department clearance....but what the fuck do I know I only held a top secret clearance in the army for 6 yrs....

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Yeah....trust sessions...and durham....and barr....boom week ahead ....but I change MY story...hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

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