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I don’t doubt that b/c how Americans defined race is how Hitler was able to define Jews.

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No, it’s not weird b/c America First followers know how he makes his money. Banter and just a smear campaign against Nick makes those of us in the know to not engage. It’s best to ignore older people that just don’t understand what has already surpassed them. We all may be in the same boiling water, but not everyone is on board with the same old echo chamber.

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Nope. I’ve been on board with America First for a while. Threads of glowing Oath Keepers etc we’re BS too. I love this site, but our threads are being mislead.

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Remember the stronghold of Italian mobsters? They were criminals. I don’t want to be controlled by Italian mobsters; therefore, I don’t like Italian mobsters controlling me. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Italians. I don’t want Zionist Jews controlling me that also means I don’t hate Jewish people.

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That’s such BS. I’ve been following him for years now when he was just gaming online. Would you like to attack his sexuality now b/c that’s the playbook guidelines and it’s all you have.

“republican America First”-that’s not even anything. That doesn’t even make sense except that you don’t know what America First means.

Wtf do you care? You don’t like Trump.

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It’s zoomer humor. Another example is his love for McDonalds. He’ll go on and on about how great McDonalds is then end with how sick eating there made him that day b/c McDonalds represents our glorious old Americans days and it grosses him out to see America going to crap.

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There is a straight up smear campaign against Nick here b/c Nick is powerful and dems HATE him. This movie about him will help you understand more: whoisNickfuentes.com

Cancelproof is offering their/this movie for free this week: https://www.mymoviesplus.com/the-most-canceled-man-in-america

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3 of my friends killed themselves in HS. I was so bitter and spent a couple of years trying to find out why would someone do that. The only solid data, from a psychiatric perspective, was that if a person had those thoughts during their onset of puberty then that person had a 90% risk of taking their own life throughout their lifetime. As if hormonal imbalances created a thought chamber that was a matter of - can a person escape that entrapment alone.

Since I’ve recognized suicide in the perspective - I think about once a suicidal teen is an adult then suicide becomes the first rule of Fight Club. Tyler Durden: “How much can you know yourself if you never been in a fight?”. Sounds like you won the fight w/o taking the whole city down. You’re winning now.

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Tate is a grifter for money.

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-Awon brothers weren’t Pakistan spies

-Seth Rich’s murder was a robbery gone bad

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No source and the use of GD. Sure…I’m pounding sand over that.

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