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Firing squad live streamed to the world.

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Rino globalist faggot that won’t speak of election fraud. Fuck him and his Krav Maga

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Hannity is a fucking douche controlled opposition pussy. Did you know he does Krav Maga? His ratings are in the gutter and everyone now knows he’s a shill, even the blue hairs can’t watch this faggot.

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Lol, bitch more retarded than the last one. Didn’t think that was possible. Why not just put pre recorded answers on a playlist instead of reading from a script?

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Dance Cheney you worthless turncoat coward america last piece of shit, Dance!

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Abbott is such a spineless bitch. We need a governor that will take the necessary actions. He will only do the absolute minimum to still get votes. He’s a disgusting human being

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Fuck Ukraine, don’t give 2 fucks about that shithole country. All they do is launder our taxpayer money, and funnel it back into our corrupt politicians pockets . Ukraine is nothing more than a ponzi schem to defraud us of our money. Eat shit

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From bush’s to Clinton’s to Obama’s, to Romney’s, to Pelosi’s , Ukraine is how they launder tax payer money into their own pockets. It won’t stop until they are forced, and by force I mean extreme and public force. They need all to be hung for treason

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We must become vigilante. If the system won’t dispense justice, we must kill them ourselves and rid them from our society. The DA’s must fear our wrath as much as the criminals

by Dooky
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Bye bitch

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Dude got railroaded Bc they wanted to glorify a worthless crack head whose life didn’t matter anyway

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