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“Jewish media” is no more correct than the left saying “white supremacy”. They’re both oversimplifications that deliberately miss the point of what’s really happening: politicians selling Americas strength to global business interests, that have all races and creeds.

So Both terms are off target, and at the end of the day, just distractions from the meat of the matter, basically they’re porn for us to watch, while the global businesses are shoving domination balls in our mouths. Be smart

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One point to make is this: many of the posters have clearly prioritized being anti-gay above being pro-America.

What a dumb prioritization: making it easier for the commies.

Look, not every gay person is doing good for America, but no homo, I’ll take the help of every last one that is.

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It’s rich: Crying out in pain about anti-white, anti-Christian rhetoric, while attacking Jews for doing the same.

The anti-Christian, anti-white rhetoric flowing freely through the world is currently the most openly pursued, and in fact the most openly promoted by institutions, which makes it, in my opinion, the worst bigotry out there. All Americans, right AND left, need to recognize reality we talk about here all the time: elites prosper from using the emotions of hate to fuel their political power, and then screw the general constituency for their own benefit. Building this recognition, especially on the Left, will be a war.

The question will be this: will the war be won by fighting fire with fire? By using the same tactics of irrational blame as the enemy? Or, in contradistinction, by choosing the alternate path: by dumping an extinguisher on the opposing fire, making group-blaming impotent, attacking the source of their power, true bigotry itself.

It is logical that fighting fire with fire may win some battles, but with this approach the fires will only spread, increasing division and increasing elites’ power. On the other hand, non-attacking banners saying “It’s OK to be white” is much more ideologically pure, much harder for them to fight against with their hate-fire, and much more likely to win the war.

We need a white Gandhi, which, I think initially sounds absurd, but in reality is quite natural. Leftists claim Europeans and Americans gained world domination through war, but in reality, this dominance has been achieved by maintaining long periods of peace, and demanding peaceful ideologies be upheld by all sides (no more bigoted BLM), so that prosperity can occur instead of destruction.

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This is cherry picking syntheses.

You could just as easily make the same thesis / anti-thesis, and say that the synthesis is: anti-Trans hormone laws that protect juveniles, like those passed in many states.

In the end any Hegelian argument is subjective, and useless- unless of course one has a narrative to drive home that dies not mesh with reality, and has to turn to pseudo-intellectualism to fool the masses.

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That’s a pretty philosophy in theory, but in reality, it’s usually as useful at everyday description as communism is at everyday economics.

Let’s get Hegelian on this post:

What’s the Thesis: Pro-Trans ( via Jew bitches)

What’s the Anti-thesis: Anti-trans (via Jew bitches)

What’s the freedom-removing synthesis derived from the two? ??? Mental gymnastics incoming.

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Jew supports trans- “Jew bitch“

Jew Fights trans- “Jew bitch”

Any room for ideological purity here, other than the ideology of calling people Jew bitch? She’s disavowing...

I don’t see any other people putting their name on the line against it...

And this is why a Jew blamers are 0 for 109, and always the victim.

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Countdown until the Leftsists do a full-turn on Jews?

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Many of us could try this abnormality: “my black skin is actually white!”

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Yet, no Seth Rich memes to show me?

I propose you dislike Jews much more than you love America.

Same problem once affected Germany, and look where that got them lol deutschfags of the 1930s

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Did you miss that the cartoon was tweeted out by a large nosed individual?

Let me guess... muh controlled opposition?

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When it comes to “naming Jews” around here, why is it that those interested in doing so quickly and vigorously name one set of them, to be sure everyone knows they’re Jews, yet neglect to name the other set of them, like they aren’t Jews at all. Weird.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rich

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Nope not a Bee article. Canada will kill the “depressed“. Whatever that means


Edit: “Depressed” probably means: not enthusiastic enough about current thing.

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I think there is a difference between OP and BLM.

BLM blames whites for the day to day problems of blacks.

OP says let’s treat everyone the same for making race-based analyses: either punish anti-white blacks, or stop punishing anti-black whites. (I’d prefer the former.).

OP doesn’t blame blacks for the day to day problems of whites.

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They’re not stupid. They think the people (You’re) are stupid. - D Bongino

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The historical truth is that the vast, vast majority of Russian Christians were killed well after the Jews were Forcibly removed from positions of power in the USSR, after Stalin pushed out Trotsky.

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I think they ban it because it’s a proven loser as a political philosophy. 0 for 109.

It doesn’t lose because it’s ‘mean’... it loses because it denies half of reality, and such a thing will always loses in the end.

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I recently had to travel with a bunch of liberal women (uuuuugh). Most of them were 40+ non married, blamed men for it, no kids, weak careers, losers. the other few were divorced from loser leftist men, kids all F’d up, a real shit show.

They didnt know my politics, and they all loved me up until when I told in conversation that the arguments they had just used to support illegal immigration were very similar arguments to those that Slave-owners used to support slavery.

Of course they reeeeed. But I know it, you know it, even they knew it- they all felt a little tingle inside...

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Ultra-Insulin is the best insulin

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Literally, Marx was a Jew-hating atheist. That’s what invented communism. Read Marx’s BOOK, “On the Jewish Question”: In summary, Jewish greed is the root of evil, blaming Jews for the problems of capitalism. If you were unaware of this book, someone is hiding the truth from you, to support a narrative, much like a leftist would do.

Weird you care what Jews think of Jesus. What do you think of Jesus? Is your faith not strong enough to overcome criticism?

I can guarantee you that the Jews who bother you, and the health of the US, the most, have no familiarity with Talmud. Most of them are ‘Reform’ branch, which cancelled the Talmud In the mid 1800s as being backwards. For example, There are near-zero Talmud following Jews in Hollywood.

The Jews who generally vote MAGA (Orthodox) do uphold Talmud. In other words, You have it backwards: Talmud is pro- America. For many reasons It loves America’s religious freedom, traditional family values, self reliance, ability to arm one’s self. Lack of Talmud = Hollywood and Leftists.

What most people don’t understand about Talmud is this: much of it is a record of debate- With free speech fully allowed. Yes there have been a Jews throughout history who have proposed negative thoughts about Gentiles, probably what you were shown, and there are over 20,000 pages of it, so there will be some ugly thoughts there. But, as a whole, The debate ends being not anti-Gentile, And that all lives must be respected as gifts from G-d.

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Retard logic: Israel has everything I want for America, switch ‘Jews‘ with ‘whites’, so I will vehemently oppose its concept, and anyone who supports Israel. Get smart.

Re Talmud. the Talmud also has passages about peacefully coexisting with non-Jews.

Should I hold Christians responsible for, let’s say, the inquisition? F no. The point is that every religion has had negative things to say about other religions.

The communists want you to hate Jews, look how well that backfired in ‘38. They want Jews to hate Christians. They thrive on division pushing people into manageable groups, as opposed to us, who want individuals to succeed and build the group on positive advancements. You buying Into commie trap?

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Anyone here interested in reality? This loser also tweets pro-Palestine. So at least he’s consistent. All the fucks here who put this guy on the side of Israel are ultra fags.

Also the orthodox Jews he mentions, off doing their own thing... they’re generally the MAGA Jews. (It’s probably not where ‘Ultra’ MAGA came from though.)

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