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What’s pathetic is how you responded. Tell me what’s pathetic about being brave enough to walk away from a toxic situation. Thanks so much for your support. Thank you for choosing me to inflict your judgement. I’m honored. When there are so many criminals amongst us, Biden, Obama, Hillary, Fauci. But you chose me. Stunning!

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What’s it to you? Do you walk in my shoes? No you don’t. Choose your battles better. God is first and foremost. He gave me the strength to walk away from a toxic environment. And you want to argue with me? Maybe you should find God.

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Yes because it’s been proven that destroying historical statues solves all their problems. So stunningly stupid!

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STFU! They have no credibility whatsoever. They should have formed protests for those children. They are all professional protesters after all.

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That is correct so stop bothering us with take the guns BS. it is not going to happen

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What I wouldn’t give just to be in Trump’s presence. I’ve lost my home, my business, was physically beaten, and lost my family for supporting Trump. Starting over in your 60’s isn’t easy but sure beats living in fear everyday.

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Is that a high school yearbook photo of Lori Lightfoot?

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