This guy seems to think as of May 25th there have been ZERO deaths from the COVID vaccine. SMH

In the 'features' section. Dear Dr. Roach

Dr. Keith Roach graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in molecular biology. He earned his M.D. at the University of Chicago, and did his internship and medicine residency training there. In 2000, Dr. Roach moved to New York, joining the faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital as an Associate Attending Physician and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. He has won every major teaching award offered by that institution. He also served as program director for the primary care internal medicine training program.

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was very reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to its rushed status and unknown long-term side effects. Finally I gave in and got my first shot a week ago, because I determined the benefits outweigh the risks. I haven't had any problems yet, but am now contemplating NOT getting the second shot due to my autoimmune disease, which has been called rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or a variety of 150 possibilities. I also have MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance), chronic low white and red blood cell counts, and stage 3 kidney disease. I have been told that I am at risk for a stroke due to the possibility of blood clots from a constant high homocysteine of 10.5.

As you can guess, I have a nephrologist, internist, rheumatologist and oncologist. None can advise beyond saying it's OK and my decision. I know it is impossible to predict, but what are your thoughts? Are these preexisting conditions a red flag to not complete the course? -- S.H.

ANSWER: As you correctly say, it is impossible to predict the future. What I see in your clinical history is that getting COVID-19 and having a very bad outcome is far more worrisome than side effects from getting the vaccine. Blood clots, for example, are a major danger in COVID infection, but the risk from the vaccine appears to be minuscule. Millions of people have taken the vaccines, many with the same concerns and even medical conditions you have. As of this writing, there are no reported deaths due to the vaccine, and the rate of serious side effects is about one person per 10,000. By contrast, millions of people have gotten sick with COVID-19, and hundreds of thousands in the U.S. alone have died. Millions more are living with long-term complications of COVID-19.



Seriously? LIAR


Thought many here would like to read this article.

So basically we were running the PCR test with 40 cycles, and Fucki has been quoted as saying anything over 35 cycles brings false positives. I believe now the testing has dropped to 17 cycles in January, what a coincidence.



It's monday, anyone heard from Rudy?

My new name for the progressive twitter brigade. Libtard and Sheeple are getting worn out.

Please use at your leisure.

I'm done with Alex Marlow. I can't stand Breitbart from 6-9 in the morning any longer.

I wish Steve Bannon was on like he used to be.

I like Dave Webb and Wilkow...but I'm done with the 6-9 hour until they switch it with someone else. Just like when Glenn Beck was on and people stopped listening. Breitbart is headed in the same direction.


Why do I feel like I need a shower before arriving here, after spending the last hour beating down trolls on twitter?

The doom is out of control.


I didn't give a nickel to them. Ronna McDaniel is MIA.

I'm done with the Republican party if this election is stolen from Trump.

How about you?


Good Lord, i love this place but it is awful hard to read with all the duplicate postings. It just doesn't work. Sorry.


You go Santa


Barely cracked a sweat. These people are stupid.


Remember how Adam Schiff showed us all that evidence he had on Trump before the impeachment trial? Remember how he let the news organizations have everything, even the 'whistleblowers' name?

Yeah, me either.


This guy Ned Staebler plays the race card on the two Republicans but when you look at the actual votes in Michigan his argument turns to shit.

Maybe Ned Schneibly can explain how this 80% black voter county of Wayne voted overwhelming for the white guy Gary Peters, over the black guy John James in the Senate race.

Peters 572,523 James 259,734

Must be racism.

Matter of fact, go look at the counties in Michigan with larger Black populations and they also overwhelmingly voted against John James.

So this whole racism angle he is pushing is horse manure

Michigan Senate results by county: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-elections/michigan-senate-results

Highest percentage of blacks by county https://www.indexmundi.com/facts/united-states/quick-facts/michigan/black-population-percentage#chart

Lots of salt coming (media.patriots.win)
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Just got booted from twitter for calling someone retarded for comparing #MAGA to the KKK. Immediate suspension. I want to deactivate my account but it won't let me.

Here is exactly what I said 'only if you are retarded and never learned history'

They don't want their BLM twitter rally interrupted. Actually people asking where all the MAGAT's are, as they are kicking everyone off for commenting.


Really disappointed in BB, turned into a fake news aggregate. Most articles are MSM articles rehashing fake news. Pitiful.


We all need to leave en masse , can you imagine the millions of deactivations all at once. It would be epic.


This goes with what Salty Cracker was saying in the video posted here. I went and looked at a couple other counties also

Gwinnett County Georgia

Hillary 2016 165063

Biden 2020 241827

76764 more people voted for Biden than Hillary in this ONE county

Dekalb County Biden +68971 Fulton County Biden +97220 Cobb County Biden +62468

These are the number of votes Biden 2020 received vs. Clinton 2016

So 305423 more people turned out to vote for Biden than did for Hillary in just 4 counties in Georgia.

Must have been that tremendous Biden energy on the campaign trail.


Their election coverage was horse shit and now they aren't even talking about the blatant fraud. No even worth going there anymore. Reminds me of Drudge when I finally said 'wth am I coming here every day for'


Today is the day the libtards start to doubt themselves and their 'victory'.

The smarm and arrogance will be turned up to 1000, before they ultimately finally figure it out.

The infantile poutrage posts will then commence.



I don't know how I missed it...but WOW What a gathering.