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They took all the donor information from the Trump campaign. They will all receive audits by the new IRS.

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Right now, all the Trump campaign files and donor lists are on their way to the DNC.

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Depends on the community.

Reform: The Rabbi is the drag queen.

Orthodox: Still lives and dresses the exact same way as they did 400 years ago.

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Politicians' babies?

Sorry, but you are way further down the list of priorities.

Illegal Aliens and Inmates get to eat first.

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Let the record show that SelfReliancePepe has won this argument by proving the Chinese Communist Party was created in 1921 by a Jew born in 1915.

Edit: You already won. Why are you editing your comments to act like you didnt base your entire argument around this singular Jew being the founder of the CCP and the banks?

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You are seriously attributing the creation of the Chinese Communist Party to some guy who was 6 years old at the time? OKAY. You are clearly not arguing in good faith. You win. END OF DISCUSSION.

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Article mentioned how he worked at a newspaper for his entire life. No mention of him being a banker at all.

Complaints about personal attacks coming from Mr. Throne of Skulls comment. It's pretty obvious that you have utter conviction in your beliefs and are warping reality to match your expectations. In your mind, I made personal attacks first.

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Biden claims to be a Zionist. So politicians are suddenly honest people? He claims to be helping the working class and that inflation is transitory and that men can become women. That must be true also.

China doesn't pay its debts. China breaks contracts and defaults on debts whenever its convenient. Jews also can't hold office in China. Banking institution jobs are reserved for children of CCP party members.

Bro, you got some good shit. Don't smoke it all by yourself. Share please.

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I mention Biden and you think Israel? Not China?

Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden, 31 million dollars?

What does this picture of chopsticks remind you of? JEWS!!!!!

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A white man is president, therefore all white men benefit from white male patriarchy. Is that how the logic works?

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Zimbabwe 1994: Let's redistribute 5000 white farms to black people.

Zimbabwe 1995: Help! Our Economy shrank by 40%.

Zimbabwe 2000: Help! The Zimbabwe dollar is inflating 11.2 million percent.

Zimbabwe 2020: White People, look! We're switching back to the gold standard and we'll sell you back the farms we stole from you after completely wrecking them.

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I keep hearing about how we own the world, but I have yet to receive any dividend payments in the mail. My direct deposit doesn't seem to work either.

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You should have pulled a Ben Shapiro and paid Facebook millions in protection money. That way, you get to keep your Facebook page and the money you get from conservatives goes to Mark Zuckerberg.

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That kid isn't getting back up.

The bumper knocked his legs out causing his head to jerk forward into the windshield of the car. Then he landed head-first into the concrete.

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A fine sentiment, but it does nothing to curse at a bot. If you actually want to cuss out a person, you need to do some digging.

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Holy crap. She looks like an acid attack victim. I'll start to feel bad for her after she stops voting democrat. Which is never.

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I don't have to imagine. I fled California last year to move to rural Missouri.

Low crime, low cost of living, no stress, low democrats. Oh yeah, and the women outnumber the men by about 5%.

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Mass starvation in the cities = reduce the democrat population.

Rural republicans will be far less harmed.

I object to mass famine on religious grounds, and I'll fight against it, but don't expect me to fight very hard.

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The time for making friends is over. This is war and we need to psychologically prepare ourselves for taking a life by dehumanizing the leftist scum for the vermin that they are.

If you empathize with the enemy during a fight, you will hesitate, and it will be the last thing you ever do.

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Technically, so did I.

I did a mail in ballot for Trump but later discovered it did not count because I already voted. I lived in California at the time.

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All the times he used to mention being a fence sitter has been replaced with rants that start with, "I am sick and tired of these leftists -"

Give him another 2 years, he'll be on a megaphone talking about gay frogs.

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