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If the internet goes dark, we will meme in the shade.

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The "he shouldn't have even been there" argument is essentially hand-wringing. They have no case. They never did. What was done to Rittenhouse is essentially what they did to the election certification protestors.

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Supposedly heading to the white house to be re-educated about the vaccine. It'll be interesting to see if she changes her tune.

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Nicki Minaj has a particularly aggressive and numerous cult following. My money is on her in this battle.

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This guy is being torched on Reddit; I don't understand those people. They don't want certain people in the military, or healthcare, etc, yet when those people choose to leave, they get even more angry! It only makes sense when you accept that the choice they present is an illusory one; enthusiastically prostrating yourself and complying was the only acceptable response.

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Idiot family members reporting in to Facebook boasting about how they voted for Newsom to not be recalled in order to stick it to Trump supporters. Fucking insane.

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It is known that Nicki Minaj has one of the most toxic, rabidly devout fandoms in existence - the barbz. Joy Reid may have to go into hiding over this one.

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You couldn't pay me enough to tax that ass.

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I don't care for her, but I think it is important for people to share their experiences with getting the vaccine. More people need to hear about potentially adverse side-effects, which get no airtime in media. We shouldn't dismiss or demean voices we don't like on this subject - that's what the left does.

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