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Further proof that Civil war is coming....

I don't want it - but it's pretty clear that the Globalists are never going to allow the legitimate vote to be counted and validated.

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Did Brandon remove the Health Emergency status?


I thought not.

Brandon is still operating under Emergency Law means the "Plandemic" is NOT OVER.

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Freedom means being able to say 2+2=4

--Winston..... 1984, Orwell

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They knew they couldn't do a LGBTQ gender affirming conversion therapy on these visitors.

Actually.... I think they were legitimately afraid of the likely increase in violent crimes such as:

  • Rape of their teenage daughters
  • Random beheadings of women
  • Knife fights in the streets
  • Home breakins

and all the rest.

But... it certainly is fun to watch the entire group of virtue signalling Leftist assholes turn and hide once the things that they've claimed to support come home to roost.

Kek by Vsid
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Crenshaw is a dirty twat waiting to be douched....

but yeah....

I have a dream.... ... ... of humans stomping on the Leftist NPCs forever

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They'll probably be trained as IRS shock troops...

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The supreme court decided that the interests of government are more important than the double jeopardy clause.

Which opinion? If this was sanctioned by SCOTUS, then maybe the Thomas Court can undo it.

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No. It doesn't work that way.

A legitimate US AG, would immediately put a stop to this nonsense and fire the NY twat.

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It's illegal and unethical... and there are Yuge civil penalties for knowingly attempting prosecution without a valid crime.

At this point, it should be very clear to EVERYONE on the entire planet that the USA is a Banana Republic run by literal Nazis who stole the levers of power from the legitimate winners of elections... and not just that of the 2020 Presidential election.

We are living in the Twilight Zone America.

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I don't think it works that way....

You know, the Supremacy Clause, and all that...

I think this is totally completely Unconstitutional.

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Wasn't he pardoned for all that Build-the-Wall stupid made up money laundering/fraud shit?

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The next 60 days are going to be interesting....

Who's ready for the long haul? Come what may?

I am!

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Active Stabber in the building... everyone run and hide.

Too bad there are no good citizens with firearms around to help.

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Diagnosed with cancer on Aug 31st... dead by Sept 4th....

Clearly the death shot either caused the cancer directly or sped up the cancer already growing.

People are going to start dropping dead very quickly once the bivalent shots start hitting the sheeple arms in a few weeks.

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I strongly suspect the sudden deaths are related to:


For more information watch this very informative news report on UNKNOWN CAUSE and how to prevent it:


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25th Amendment time!

But first Trump needs to be placed as Speaker of the House in Jan 2023.

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It's not the first Nazi Lighting has been used for the Biden Regime....

The pillars of light at the inaugural installation of the Globalist Puppet were also full-on Nazi.

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That's why there's a huge purge going on in the DoD with the poison shot mandates, the CRT crap, and kicking out any MAGA supporting personnel....

I'm not so sure the military wouldn't fire on US citizens enmass if ordered.

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