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wearing a white suit is like turning up the stereo to 11

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what bothers me about people like eric is that a large amount of us have been screaming from the rooftops that we're under attack for a decade if not more while he rolled his eyes - just last year he was still crapping on us via progressive hysteria and trump attacks

now when it's so in your face you when can arguably clam the war has already come and gone - and we've lost - this guy paints a picture that he is on the forefront of this discovery (not to worry, he'll take the abuse) - no introspection, no mea culpa, just sounding the alarm that we're already deaf from hearing as if he's paul revere

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right before that he said that if it becomes clear that joe biden won, they will accept the election, and he did indeed accept joe biden, and no it was not clear

what is clear is that they stole the election in the middle of the night, everyone knows it, but he will never say it

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his point is that the president who was spied on, silenced, harassed, investigated, and ultimately overthrown, would have gotten slack for pointing out jan 6 political prisoners

with a point so deep, you need to throw in a faggot here in there as garnish

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this nutbag holds 31tb of super secret information that can topple the deep state

never does anything with it but holds on to it for a super special day

totally believable

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they declared her mentally unwell and took control of her finances and apparently they make her perform against her will

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remember last year when this stupid prick was droning on about the dangers of trump and how we need to get rid of him

this dude may be one of the few legitimate biden voters

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i've ran out of sympathy

if you're a healthy 18 year old and get the shot and get sick, deal with it moron

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it really is a superpower

how else can you account for the majority of the world laying belly up and getting untested injections by lying and colluding mega entities that are not liable and that stand to make hundreds of billions in profits while amassing untold control for an illness that kills the elderly

In clown world i'm basically Copernicus

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weird how "forgiving whores" means you have to date them

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this statement is not mutually exclusive to hiding your lack of individuality in a collective identity

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clown world 2021:

let's teach that white people are evil oppressors (yawn)

let's point out that jews are overrepresented in positions of power (unplug microphone, dial up modem noises)

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i don't care if you're gay or where you stick your dick


i also don't have to pretend that it's normal

that doesn't mean i think gay people are bad, but homosexuality is a paraphilia by definition, it's why they are 2% of the population

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here are her arguments:

it's not anti-white because:

  • 1 because proponents of crt treat anyone who disagree with them as enemies not just white people

that's a false dichotomy, the main tenets can still be primarily anti-white while attacking any person that disagrees with the tenets

  • 1b it's also racist against black people

that's true, they treat black people as oppressed which is inherently racist, but that doesn't negate the primarily anti-white tenets, unless you want to pretend that painting black people as oppressed and needing help and white people as oppressors and needing reprimand is the same, which she does

  • 2 you're playing into their hands, they want you to be racist and the optics of that look bad

non sequitur; just because they want you to be racist is not a refutation of the anti-white tenets

  • 3 it's going to form a white power movement

another non-sequitur

  • 4 the definition of crt: racism exists everywhere, and because anti-white is not mentioned in the definition and everyone can be racist it's not anti-white

that's an overly simplistic definition which ignores one of the main tenets, that black people cannot be racist and that they are the poor oppressed people, which is the foundation for treating white people poorly

  • tl:dr

it's been a long-standing joke that leftists are white supremacists with a guilt complex precisely because they treat blacks as inferior, this isn't new nor is it ignored. The actual problem and main difference is the attack on white people because of this inferiority, which she totally ignores over emotional arguments like optics and an increase in white power movements

she ultimately fails by conflating racism within the movement as being equal, as if labelling all white people as evil is the same as treating black people as oppressed

by Lunar
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some whites had white slaves, some jews had black slaves, etc.

the idea that it was only white on black crime is wrong, but more than that, the number of slave owners was an extreme minority members of the wealthy class

but even if they were mostly white owners, it's like pointing to insider trading as being male dominated and then blaming random working dudes in the next generation for it... you'd be wrong to even blame other rich dudes in the next generation, but to blame middle america is on a different level

and don't get me started on intermixing in america and how your typical black person is like a quarter white... so how guilty are they?

the whole thing is evil nonsensical propaganda

by V2021
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what doesnt make sense is for them to go after him so hard that they end up red pilling millions of people if he's controlled opposition

he gained at least 12 million votes, realistically closer to 20, and the majority of this was caused by the media/deep state

it's hard to square these two

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