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6 downvotes (so far) aren't trolls, they're qtards

a litany of failed predictions isn't enough for them, they're legitimately waiting for JFK to show up because someone once edited a video of RFK scratching his nose on youtube

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"they" lol

the globalist cries racism as he discriminates against you

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the irony of black supremacists calling people soft is that if you even said "nnn" in his direction, he would have a stroke and want you charged with a hate crime

that's black fragility

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america belongs to the natives but europe belongs to north african migrants bigot

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couldn't the feds just have hired a crisis actor to exploit the tragedy for gun control?

doesn't mean the whole thing is necessarily fake

in fact, why wouldn't they just kill a bunch of kids, it's be easier than faking it

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after 2 hours covid gets really upset

and if you sing he attacks your testicles

theyre laughing at us

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i was thinking it may be amusing and educational to just claim you went to the capital, even if you didn't, to see if family turns you in

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Poe’s Law is a popular adage that says satirical expressions of extremism online are hard to distinguish from genuine ones without indicating intent

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youve badly mischaracterized my complaint

the post containing tranny degeneracy made it to trending because of the use of fake upvoting bots - thats that problem which you conveniently overlooked

i dont care if you as an individual want to make posts about tranny degeneracy that get 12 upvotes, have at it

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dont forget the white american part

it crumbles because they let in and feed non white criminals in their home

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I was quick to speak for sure

Still frustrating to see, this happens often enough despite failsafes that exist for this exact reason, on one of the few last free places on the internet...

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an hour later and mods don't delete an obviously manipulated tranny post

rip this site

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its not that it happens that's upsetting, but that mods allow it

one of the very few free sites on earth left is being manipulated by degenerate tranny lovers

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degenerate faggots always need to cheat to get their point across because, well, their points are that of degenerate faggots

padding the upvotes is no different, this behavior doesn't belong here

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if it's so easy to forgive child rapists after the fact why can't he just forgive kyle

because he's a propagandist pos

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if black people are correct to fear the vaccine, then everyone is correct to fear it you ignorant slut

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agreed with everything here, but if feds come to my home i won't bother explaining this to them

i prefer starring at them in silence until they leave

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wow, a garrison cartoon where he doesn't incessantly label everyone, amazing

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yeah, go ahead and date the jaded girlfriend of the guy you killed, what could possibly go wrong

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