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Go downvote my other posts, I don't care. It's really amusing how simple truth - ruzzia being terrorist state and an aggresor in this war - got you so triggered.

I hope you're at least getting paid to be lying propagandist. Doing it for free would make you no more than an useful idiot.

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You misspelled the name of aggressor - Ruzzia

I'm sure it's an honest mistake

Ruzzia started ruzzian war in Ukraine and Ruzzia refuses to save lives by not accepting unconditional surrender.

Every sane person supports ending the war by making sure Ruzzia is defeated and demilitarized.

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So much this.

I must say that after Russia started the war a lot of threads connected in my head. The amount of russian propaganda bullshit being promoted here (including stickies like that one) isn't a coincidence.

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If by "us" you correctly mean you - Russians, then yes, yes it is.

отличная пропаганда товарищ!

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Hey pro-russian crowd (that never been to russia and knows mostly nothing about that country): remember, Zelensky is hiding somewhere in the US and ruzzia is DAYS from winning the russian war in Ukraine.

You've only been repeating it for a full year now, so few decades to go and you're all set.

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Gas pipelines that Russia used to supply cheap gas TO GERMANY

Russia only sells "cheap stuff" to countries that get in bed with them.

Nord Stream was a political tool to subjugate Central European countries.

And no, I'm not saying "do blow it up since I don't like it", I'm just pointing out the phrase is a Russian narrative.

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If mainstream media doesn't report something it doesn't exist for majority of the people.

"Normie concensus" right now is something like "C-vid vaccines do have some side effects, but they are still safer than the scary, scary virus".

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Yeah, I heard that song a year ago also. Two more weeks I guess.

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And Ruzzia will take Odessa how? They were unable to hold Kherson and completely unable to take Nikolaiv even during the initial push.

Although I'll agree, that retaking Crimea is fairy tale at this point as well.

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Apparently Biden still doesn't get the message and refuses to fully tow the line.

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No one is perfect. Happy for him though, he was treated very unfairly last year.

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With passing time new groups of people become "vulnerable".

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A lot of MAGA people took it because Trump was promoting it. I don't know if the cap makes sense in that context.

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If he refuses to cooperate and decides to run two main thing will happen:

  1. he will be stripped of all of the institutional support - mainstream media will no longer run cover for him, his health will be questioned, etc. Basically he would have to run a normal campain and have allies in political world to survive this, which we know is impossible
  2. his family will come under fire - they are ready to move on Hunter if needed. Maybe even Biden himself will get roasted over the fire

Basically - he's on his own + all the dirt they have on him may be used against him

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That's the most probable reason for all of this. My guess is that the pressure is on Biden not to run in 2024. And of course to tow the line for the next two years as a Resident.

Is he does exactly that - all this will go away. Otherwise, the presure will be exerted to help him come to his senses.

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Big news is that Ruzzia is likely planning pretty serious offensive from Kursk/Bielgorod region to cut off Kharkiv. Most people say it will start within a month. CIA likely delivered Intelligence.

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You don't have the slightest idea what being under the boot of Russia means. PDW keep romanticizing Russia knowing almost nothing about this country.

The sole fact that they are enemy of the WEF doesn't mean they have to be my friends.

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3 whistleblowers, 2 more weeks, 1 big failure, 0 real progress

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In Europe there are two main kinds of electric stoves - classical and induction based.

The classical is pretty shitty - slow, inefficient, etc. This is the kind that visually "glows" while working. Induction is awesome in terms of energy efficiency but requires certain wiring and pots. Also boils everything in no time - real pleasure to use.

As to wiring - most new homes / apartments in EU are wired using three-phase electricity and induction cookers use two phases, hence the voltage is 400V.

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