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You can acknowledge he's not perfect without being picky about him being one of the ONLY people who says pro-white things while putting his face and name out there. He's been attacked by the FBI and every leftist organization in existence, why help them?

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I'm more concerned about the race war being waged against us and white people being raped and killed every year by negros but if you care about that shit that's on you.

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How long will it take whites to wake up and form mobs of our own to kick foreigners out of our countries or at the VERY LEAST make them uncomfortable?

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For real. It's such a cop-out for being weak faggots who do nothing but whine.

Conservatives don't do shit to stop the leftist war against white people and the US, then they call anyone who so much as RALLIES "feds". Such a weak excuse.

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It's been effectively proven that the only time they are kept in line and live respectful lives is when they respect/fear us.

Them losing the fear of white mobs and lynchings has emboldened them.

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It was in 2007, so yes that reason holds up

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