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Have more children yes but we need to figure out a way out of this. At our current course we will be a serf class in a generation.

We need to either separate from them or compel them to separate from us/our country.

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The GOP is sitting here talking about budget and Ukraine.

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Diversity/immigration/globalism is the biggest psyop in history but this comes close.

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It has to be a meme at this point, I refuse to believe anyone really believes it.

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Republicans are PATHETIC and need to be REPLACED.

Honestly, the ONLY mistake Trump made in the last 7 years was not declaring total war against the GOP once he won power in 2016.

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People need to realize the left is given full encouragement by the system to commit terrorism and political attacks.

The right is restrained by "conservatism" and the GOP. The GOP only exists to prevent right-wingers from acting, and push their energy towards useless nothingness.

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