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You’re thinking of the Minnesota trans racial adoption study

But it doesn’t show what you said it shows

It shows that IQ is overwhelmingly genetic. Like height. Sure, your height may be reduced if you’re severely malnourished. Does lack of calories seem like an American problem?

Course not.

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School integration was also a factor

And that idea was SO GOOD that it had to be enforced by soldiers at gunpoint.

That’s how badly people wanted it.

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The government will oversee public healthcare like they oversee public education

Careful what you wish for

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Remember when President trump pardoned 3 rappers and offered half a trillion in incentives to black Americans? That was awesome.

The problem is bigger than politics at this point.

White people must not join the military for any reason. Never join.

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things go down

Women can’t shave their legs

Yeah dude, collapse is gonna be amazing


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Germans were buying and driving Volkswagens on the autobahn while the average Soviet was going hungry on a farm. Average German had a house and car. This was unheard of in the USSR.

The USSR was so much worse, and it’s ok to admit that there are things more evil than Hitler. It’s also ok to accept that our grandparents fought the wrong people. We are the country that dropped atomic bombs on civilians.


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That chick fil is so good.

I’ll try the Waffle House soon….

Thanks fren

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You might see me at that Miramar Beach chick fil a once in a while. I used to party at NightTown if that means anything to you…long time ago. Had some fun beach times on Okaloosa island too.

These days I live down the other end of 30a, east of seaside. But still find myself in Destin / FWB / even Crestview some time.

Best part of the country

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The rainbow squad has to know that if real Marxists ever took power

They’d be the first ones up against the wall

The first ones.

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Oh you’ll see it

All nominal promises will be honored

He’s your $2000

A car is $356,000

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