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That's the most beautiful pumpkin pie. It's a big beautiful Trumpkin pie. We really have the best bakers folks, don't we?

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But any illegal can cross any damn border they please regardless of vaxx status, health,or criminal record? 😡

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Unpopular opinion: Tha audits are a distraction and a grift. Ways to make sure this doesn't happen again are known. Any state that doesn't pass election integrity laws is approving rigged elections and election fraud.

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I'm guessing his lawyers cautioned against it. But I believe Kyle really wanted to tell his story.

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I'm sure his lawyers asked for questions in advance and made sure Kyle wouldn't say anything that could jeopardize any future lawsuits. Nothing wrong with that though.

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There's a rest stop on I-95 in Delaware named after Joe Biden. Seems appropriate to name a place you stop to take a dump after him. 🤣

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Considering the cities rely on everywhere outside the cities for food, electric and gas, and water, I say LET'S GO!

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These days many Republicans would have difficulty supporting him.

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Beautiful work to honor a beautiful lady! Thank you, fren for another great MAGAzine cover. Blessings this Thanksgiving season!

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