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Great speech! And many thanks to txlady and PorchLightOn for their all their work in capturing our great President's words

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Well done, fren! Have another updoot!

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This is more an historically accurate re-enactment than a comedy skit.

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Source: https://twitter.com/BernardKerik/status/1638976636899979279

And that's why Trump never paid any hush money. Bragg's whole case is based on yet another hoax.

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It's also Wile E Coyote trying to set elaborate traps to catch the Road Runner. And failing... every...single...time.

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No Bragg! You're supposed to indict the ham sandwich, not eat it!

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Where's that non-binary, cross-dressing luggage thief when you need him?

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Pretty ironic statement from a DA who on his first day in office provided a long list of crimes his office would not prosecute.

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He can't be held in jail in New York, thanks to bail reform. Probably the only time the NY communists regret passing bail reform laws.

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What a racist - he forgot science, math, proper English grammar, classical music, formal business attire, skiing, horseback riding, self-driving cars, candy, cheese and dairy products, cold weather, and good manners.

We're at the point were you can google anything and find some clown telling us how it's racist. 🀑

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Welcome spring! 🌻🌷🌺🌼 And welcome to another wonderful issue of Melania MAGA-zine! Our country has the greatest parks and beautiful scenery! Why travel to another country when you can see America First?

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