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Durham is going to sink out-of-gov types to bury the government malfeasance.

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Get fucked enlightenment thinkers. You made the French revolution a hedonistic bloodbath.

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The gayest of gay sex.

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Hey, I mean the feds need their daily dose of frog semen. It's just a part of a healthy fed diet.

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The bottom picture is us in 20 years. If we're lucky.

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And then in the distance you'll hear that draining sound as the blue states implode. With it the momentum into red markets will vanish and even the red states will see a crash.

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Luckily for the Arabs Jews don't have any kids. Israel will be an Arab dominated state within a few short decades.

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Let me translate:

Parag "Great boulevard of transit!"

Argawal "Exclamation of discomfort during defecation"

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"How could you have a 94% white state! I mean really a 72% white state is just outrageous! My own home state wanting more than 10% white population is just embarrassing!" /TipsTinyHat

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There's been enough dick sucking going on in the Oval Office. We don't need more.

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And would also lead to global electronics shortages for a decade.

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Twitter: "Fact Check: FALSE. We don't listen to conservative justices."

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Yep a dude at my high school got a perfect SAT, 4.0 GPA, good looking, could play saxophone and piano, could memorize 45 minutes of sheet music by glancing at it once, and ... he was humble and one of the nicest people ever. Oh I forgot. He picked up tennis in June and made 2nd position varsity in the spring only behind a guy that played since he was 6.

Full ride to Yale, tuition, books, etc and the same deal for grad school before he ever enrolled.

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