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They didn't even have a sales pitch. They didn't need one and they knew it.

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Sigh. We're back to the stuff Trump talked about in his escalator speech..."2,300 HUMVEES...and the enemy took them. 2,300!"

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Anyone who thought it would just be two doses is a fucking moron

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"You see the WOKE GENERALS? ?? I lol'd at that ?

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This will be felt through federal hiring, which will prioritize “communities that have historically faced employment discrimination and professional barriers, including people of color, women, first-generation professionals and immigrants, individuals with disabilities, [and] LGBTQ+ individuals.”

Other designated groups to be prioritized in hiring include “Americans who live in rural areas, older Americans who face age discrimination when seeking employment, parents and caregivers who face employment barriers, people of faith who require religious accommodations at work, individuals who were formerly incarcerated, and veterans and military spouses.”

Source. What makes me think the rural, older, religious, formerly incarcerated, veterans will see NO benefit from these hiring practices, while the POC, LGBTQXYZ, immigrants, etc will? Just a hunch.

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That's actually hilarious. Imagine if the vax really did sterilize people, and it just wiped out all the libs and left all the based, conspiracy theory types? LOLLLL

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"The study" purposely did not include zpac + zinc, and the "placebo" was Vitamin C. Compare to how the "study" of Remdesivir decided to change the parameters half way through to hide the fact that it doesn't do shit, and you can see why "trust the science!" is a crock of shit, when the science is so easy to bend to the desires of the ones funding it.

See also the two different criteria for what constitutes a positive Covid diagnosis, one for vaxxed people and one for unvaxxed. Now why would they do that??

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"We aren't giving a description of the suspect but he looks exactly the way you would expect."

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You can see all of the aid from space, it's sitting in a parking lot

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