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Defiant! …by believing and regurgitating what almost every corporation and mainstream media outlet is saying

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Unfortunately those counties are very low population, wouldn’t help the numbers much

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But Twitter was publicly-traded, YouTube is privately owned by Google/Alphabet... Can't be bought unless they choose sell it

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Also Utah to Californians: “You’ll pay me 3x what I paid for my house? Sold!”

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Made the mistake of going to one of these stores last week, first time in ten years. Was a dreary, desolate, poorly-stocked shithole

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Glad I could educate you. Only two are major… So I’m correct, you are wrong

But go ahead and add up all the incidents on that list (if you can count that high) and the environmental damage is still a small fraction of what conventional energy has done.

So my original point stands, and you’ve been exposed as one of those gullible cowards I was talking about!


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Agreed, should be building Gen III or IV designs. Just imagine if nuclear was half as big as oil, how many new, high-tech, well-paying, interesting and exciting jobs would be created

by Roty
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Those Olympics were a complete disaster

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And illegal immigrants. Over 40% of the students LAUSD (tries to) educate are children of illegals

But at least there is was money available for that shitshow. Not reservoirs though

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