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Yeah, most Americans don't realize their quality of life is stale.

Most countries have similar lifestyle for middle class and above

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Greta is Clark Kent.

She's the liberals perception of humanity.


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Secession is idiotic.

Protesting works in large enough numbers over a long enough time frame.

2k people once is weak

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Yup. Conservatives and maga are giant wussies.

All bark, no bite.

Pure laziness all around.

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Are we doing anything about it or just complaining as usual?

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All this shit started in the 60s

Look at movies in the 90s, they are just as woke as today, just slightly subtlerererer

You only woke up because it affected pop culture

You were just a happy cow suckling off the fat of the land without giving anything back

So if you really care start organizing peaceful protests locally

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Drug lords have a God complex

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Crypto helps every country EXCEPT the United States.

As citizens we want our currency to be the world currency and thus solely in our control.

Global crypto weakens America and gives rise to chyna and muzzies

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Just like the Brazilian Real

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Every organization is a gang, including churches

Watch the movie "Gangs of NY", it's easier than reading

If you're not in a gang, you're cannon fodder


Oh, hello straight white maga men with guns who are fiercely independent and refuse to organize at scale, and then wonder why they are being oppressed publicly 😱😂

Organize you fools...

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Economy won't collapse on Biden's 1st term

Cant risk Trump in office

They'll kick the can to 2025, as is tradition

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Free markets have never existed

Some regulation is good

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Start making clothes with pigs blood weaved into the fibers

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