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I am in covfefe stepped so far, that should I honk no more, returning were as tedious as go over.

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Every single time. They always do this. The one consistent thing about the left is they always try to advance their agenda at every opportunity and no matter how immoral or bad it looks. They don't care.

They will keep doing this. If it doesn't work this time they will try again next time

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Yeah but back then they had free range non GMO cannibalism, today you have to eat cubicle farmed GMO humans.

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No surprises here. I hear over in the UK if your great great grandparent was poor you can tell everyone you're working class, even if you're rich. And everyone seems to lie that they are minorities when applying for universities here, in Canada, in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. If being white was so great as far as privileges go everyone would say they are white, especially if they are mixed race, instead everyone does the opposite.

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Lucky. I know some that lost their license for doing as much and many who won't speak up in the first place for exactly that reason.

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Respect has to be earned. Politeness is what you can give freely. The left don't get the difference.

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Unfortunately the ones bailing them out usually aren't the ones suffering the consequences. As with most leftism.

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Leftism is a mental illness.

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If they get enough boosts they can turn into good commies.

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It really is preferable though. Even if you ignore the worst ones:

Gays: highest STD rate and I think highest substance abuse rate. Only a tenth live monogamously.

Lesbians: highest rate of domestic abuse.

Trans: >41% suicide rate

Add into that, if you just care about the very basics, if your kids grow up to be part of that community they have the smallest potential dating pool, lowest chance to be happy, healthy adults and odds aren't good for having a family of their own.

It's not malicious to want what's best for your kids and in this case that is not being LGBT.

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Also they can spin it to the public as us being anti space program and dims will lap it up.

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I heard someone got a heart attack during the latest iron man in I think Chile. But I haven't looked into it.

A Swiss runner (think she was marathon, not sure) called Fabienne Schlumpf got myocarditis and I heard a few athletes in Italy and Spain (including two twins) dropped dead, I can't remember the names though.

It has mostly been a blur of dead or maimed soccer players.

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If mRNA therapeutics can identify as vaccines, water can identify as fuel, bigot.

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Up is left. Honk honk

Child grooming law. This would protect teachers and other adults legally if they groom your kids.

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