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So they'll just cook up a warrant and kick in your door anyway. We gotta watch how this is handled at the local level

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That look is where boners go to die.

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Well China owns the country now. This is to be expected and it's only getting worse.

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And thanks to "shedding" These fuckin' tool boxes just became the super spreader's they were trying to avoid. Good job dumb fucks!

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Our great grandparents hated the idea of an "FBI". So Hoover devised a scheme... They manufactured a crisis by stealing the Lindbergh Baby to "legitimize" their being in existence. Their whole foundation is a farce and the media helped to perpetuate it. It's like nothing has changed in 100 years.

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This is how and why communism works. They radicalize the dregs of society by giving them a sense of "power". Works like a charm.

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It would help if they dropped the interest rate down to 2% at bare minimum.

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At what point do we start telling the pinkos to go f*ck themselves?? They and the shit they spew is an Absolute perversion of logic.

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It's just what we may know now. This stuff has never been studied but we seem to be finding more f'd up stuff about these vaccines, err, injections everyday.

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Realtors don't control their seller's decisions. NO seller will turndown cash on the barrel head at 20% over asking. Not one. And yes, these scum-fuck organizations are buying places up, but don't blame the realtors.

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Lady, that's an exchange of goods, not rape you twit.

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This isn't our government enacting this, it China. Do you get it yet? China runs the country now. Your votes don't matter, the congress doesn't listen to us. We gotta change some shit or it's lights out.

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