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My vote is for letting them sort their own shit out.

We got enough problems here we need to fix.

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Who makes a good SSD these days? I only got a little fucker and been wanting to get something bigger, like maybe a TB or two. Been out of the game for so long I don’t know who sucks and who is worth a shit.

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I don’t think it’s a money thing. People cave because they don’t want to disappoint potential fans or they got some dirty secrets they don’t want out.

It’s either weak or blackmail with celebrities of this caliber.

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So would the Irish be Mix?


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They ain’t Jews.

Jews don’t hate on Israel nor do they do things like help actual Nazis.

Soros and his ilk use Judaism as a cushion from criticism.

They are satanic demons that don’t believe in the LORD.

That all aside, did you hear about the Jewish car-maker that made the greatest brakes in the world? Not only does it stop on a dime, but it also picks it up.

Ba dum tiss. I’ll see myself out.

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I think it means she fucks a lot of black guys.

Then again I don’t know anymore.

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I’d rather not give out identifying information, so let’s just say a very red state with a purple governor who most don’t like but keeps voting for him anyways.

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How do I volunteer to be a poll watcher?

I don’t have the time to be a representative; I got bills and mouths to feed. However I can take a day off to help.

Would that be a good roll?

Is there other positions I can volunteer for that don’t require multiple days from my work to do?

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Any suggestions? I want to support Alex but not sure what is really good or not.

Getting the girlfriend a sub to mug club for her bday.

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Don’t give up! It’s a really fun game but it is quite different than most things out there.

I had to watch some YouTube videos about it when I started because it didn’t make sense to me either.

I’m a 40 year old guy and I started a new world last week and already got my farm up and running and found a bunch of diamonds. My goal is to get to the dragon and slay it!

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The states must follow the law in how they hold their elections. For example, PA broke their own laws when they rammed mail in voting without the consent of the governed.

That makes it invalid.

I know what your getting at, but just because states broke the law does not mean what they did when they broke it is valid. If I steal your car, is that car legally mine now? No, of course not.

And you know this. Quit playing stupid.

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I mean elected as in citizens voting legally for a president.

Biden did not win.

Not sure if you are aware or not but there was enough fraud in the 2020 election that proves Trump won.

What we have is not a legit president because he was not legitimately elected.

Pence is a traitor, as is other members of our government. It was not by The People nor for The People.

So no, Biden is not president. He’s just sitting in the seat, illegally.

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Sure, but he wasn’t elected President so therefor he isn’t our president. He was installed by the cabal.

He’s a puppet at best.

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All I can think about is the Prius episode of south park where liberals were sniffing their own farts.

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It’s projection from the left.

Or as I like to say; just another Tuesday.

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I can still walk freely without a mask. Have been for over a year now with zero harassment by any uniform. Unlike the guy in OP.

Not the same story here that it is in Australia.

It COULD happen here and when it does it will get bloody; but for now the elite know better than to push too hard on us. Australia is unarmed and do what they are told more easily than us.

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Apparently conservatives have to get into HR like we’re getting into local politics.

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