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My first thought when I saw Biden speak was my grandfather who died of Alzheimers.

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My dad's a total NPC and wants a mandatory vaccine mandate for children and can't even explain why I should voluntarily get one.

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My mom's more against the covid vax than I am.

She's nearly 70 and almost every person she knows on Facebook that's gotten it has had a negative reaction. Ranging from being sick for 2 weeks to potentially permanent paralysis.

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My dog's medicine was $20 at the vet. They were out, so had to go to a human pharmacy, was $180.

It was $180 because I paid without insurance. If I told them I had insurance it'd be $380.

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Half the stores here require masks, the other half don't.

I don't even carry a mask anymore, haven't worn one in 6+ months and forget some places require them.

It's not hard to build a new routine of only non-mask ones.

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He thought he could win over his enemies with diplomacy and friendship.

Funny enough it worked with North Korea and the Middle-East, but not Democrats and RINOs.

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Anything government-related is extremely liberal. Anything education-related is extremely liberal.

As much as I'm part of the "Leave me alone" mentality, this is what we end up with. You have to secure the border before you can gatekeep.

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Even if 63k was true, that's over 2 years.

That's about 1/1200 the kid population hospitalized. Only about 1/200 that are hospitalized die.

You're talking like... 1/220k kids dying from covid, and this is what we're supposed to be afraid of. The normal flu is infinitely worse for children. They're more likely to get in a car crash on the way to school.

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I've seen a few articles about it, but apparently it's counted as a covid death if you die within 2 weeks of being vaccinated. Guess when most vaccinated people die from complications?

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The flu shot is only 30% effective at best. They have to guess with strain is active and use an appropriate shot.

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I generally agree. There's a lot of good and bad advice out there. But Democrats are making it infinitely harder.

Even after adjusting for inflation, it costs 4x as much money to buy a house as it did for my parents, and you get higher taxes and other bullshit ontop of that.

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Golden retrievers are one of the most common types of dog bite apparently.

They're a relatively common dog, but people just automatically assume they're nice.

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Almost every school shooter was bullied.

They almost always have shitty parents or no dad too.

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Right? My sister-in-law valley girl sub 100 IQ is a general practitioner now.

I've legit had a doctor google my symptoms infront of me.

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My wife's employer is dying for employees. They're getting zero applications, and are slowly losing all their workers.

They still won't increase anyone's pay though.

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Where are people buying ground beef for $4.51?

It's gone from $7 to $11 here.

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But much genetics and muh glands.

Just want to add that less than 1% of obese people are obese due to a metabolic or thyroid issue. And even if that's the case you can still... eat less.

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What frustrates me is how fked up this trial was. Even if Chauvin was guilty (he's not), it was an absolutely atrocity of justice from start to finish.

People forget all the bullshit that's happened, like Biden and the FBI saying they'd get involved if he was found innocent. You couldn't have a more stacked trial.

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I have more respect for progressives, because even if they're retarded they typically stand for something.

Neo-liberals are the fking worst. We slowly slide into authoritarianism because they're cowards.

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Michael Malice made a poignant but simple example.

Are you equal to a man that beats his wife? If you are, you're a terrible person. If you aren't, then there is no equality.

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The CDC pushed a study showing vaccines didn't cause miscarriages, but they included 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters, and the rate of 1st trimester miscarriages was like 60-80%. But they averaged 1-3 to make it appear like it was only 10-15%.

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For reals. 50 years ago 1 person working was enough for a household, now people are lucky to get by with 2.

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