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It's not important. Ukraine will be unable to join NATO, as there are requirements for nation-states to joining NATO. Among these requirements is that the applying nation must not be involved in any current conflicts or territorial disputes. By democratically integrating DPR / LPR into Russia, Putin has prevented Ukraine from ever joining NATO. That is, unless, NATO is corrupt and lets Ukraine in regardless of their own policies.

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People think Putin is a brutal dictator. But the reality is that some countries need a strong leader, or else they can quickly become unstable. Putin, as a leader of Russia, is someone who does what is absolutely necessary to maintain order and moral values within Russia.

The reason Obama and Hillary have hated Putin for so long is precisely because he believes in moral values and does not subscribe to globohomo.


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Rome crumbled from corruption within while the politicians made the Roman people fight endless wars in the East. Sounds familiar.

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Honestly it's a hilarious profile picture

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It does sound like they used some sort of treatment on him. It is only under these circumstances that someone would test negative then test positive again with COVID-19. It is unfortunate that treatments were suppressed for the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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They are assault weapons. You shouldn't pretend that they're not. According to the espousals, writings, and rulings of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the 2nd amendment exists that a people may to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Any assault weapons ban is a declaration of nullification against the 2nd amendment and is a swift engagement of disarmament of the populace.

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They're going to trap us in for what's coming next.

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It's not about the deadliest. It's about quantity.

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This didn't happen under Trump. The shootings did not happen at this frequency, and they did not happen with unordinary locations, like schools or public venues. What did happen on a regular basis under the Trump administration were gang-banger shootings, but that's ordinary.

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💯had the same thought here

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The fact these leaks are suppressed to 98%+ of the American population is so bizarre it almost makes reality seem dream-like. Or worse, reminiscent of the events of the 20th century...

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The only reason this shooting was thwarted was because the tip was submitted to local police rather than to the FBI. I have a feeling the tipster knew exactly what he was doing.

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Yeah the lefties see it as killing two birds with one stone. They attack a July 4th event, while at the same time attacking gun rights. All these shooters are leftist fanatics.

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💯this. The NIH planted the virus in the Wuhan lab by funding the Gain of Function research in 2015 to make the Chinese think it was their leak. This is why in 2017 Fauci said, "I have a strong feeling we will face a major pandemic during this term." Then when COVID appeared in 2020, Fauci said the virus was of no concern, while Trump was called xenophobic for wanting to close borders at the start. This was Fauci's virus, planted on the Chinese.

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Libertarian nonsense is how we got into this mess. Stop playing defense, you'll only lose. Sodomy needs to be prohibited!

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Now we must overturn Lawrence v Texas (2003) to ban sodomy, and perhaps ban whoredom as well.

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Not really. Federal reserve money printing inflates the economy and keeps things propped up. The real solution is to return to the gold standard. Stop complaining about the little stuff.

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