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Lmfao no it's not "Misuse it, and you lose it."

The phrase is, use it or loose it. The brain defualts to lazy or easy, so if you dont use complex pathways your brain will conserve resources and shut down unused neural pathways. A classic example of this is children are able to distinguish individual faces of all primates, by usually by the age of 5 they loose this ability and are only able to distinguish individuals of their own group. (This is why many people only see color with dealing with races in all Asians look the same or all blacks look the same.

Christians tend to score lower on the iq side because they are intellectually lazy. As they think their problems are solved by praying, not working.

Tdlr you're a retard.

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Lmfao okay retard.

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Projection. I have more in common with jeo Rogan than your pathetically weak ass.

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The place where millionaires pushed out the common people who are now being pushed out by billionaires.

It's infested with commies.

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Okay retard. You know reactions like disgust are hereditary? Just because God as described in the Bible is a lie doesn't discount other possibilities like Universal Consciousness. Retards gonna retard.

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2000 years, trust the plan. Jesus will save us from Satan. It's all in the book of revelations.


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Lol, I'm just sand paper. If this was a pro stoner thread I'd be throwing shade that way too.

I'm an equal opportunity hater.

Fukin retard.

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And you don't know even half what you think you do. The Rome that we compare ourselves too only lasted 250 years, and that was the period after the Roman kings and before the emperor's.

Fuckin retard.

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Simple, deport the criminals, bring back exileing. If it's not sever enough for life/death then exile them to the country of choice that will accept them. If non do maybe a helicopter ride to the middle of thr ocean.

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Weird I hit my pen as I do all of the things mentioned or equivalent. If pot is stealing your energy is prolly cause your smoking a indica instead of setivia. But you're also proly the retard that uses framing hammer when you should be using a finishing hammer. Just cause you're a retard at using a tool doesn't mean the rest of us are. Maybe that's why your spending more time fixing your firebird than driving it.

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"I smoked a cigarette once and got a headache, I can't fathom why someone smokes" - said the retard.

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There are people who have palpitations after a few sips. If it's not for you it's not. Shit people are shit people, the drugs are just a coping mechanism and people like you let them use it as an excuse to be shifty people. There's a reason AA and other religious institutions fail to cure addiction, it's because they focus on the drug not the person.

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Started after the Marines. Thanks to Trump what I consume now is THAA. You retards think all pot is the same. Your prolly that retard that trys to fix everything with the same hammer and have no idea the difference between a framing hammer and finishing hammer.

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You're right I'm not a domesticated sheep. I relate more to crocodile dundee than I do anyone else. I have zero desire to be accepted by a tribe.

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Lmfao you're a retard. I walk/swim 45 minutes every other day. Every day I go to the sauna, power lift every other day.

You really are a retard. And if weed is making you stupid it's because you're stupid.

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I don't drink alchohol either. It's the drug that keeps you stupid. Pot is enlightens unless you're allready retarded then there's no hope.

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No retard, what's sad is you and imposing your will on others.

I've had friends murdered by the state over a plant. Your war on drugs ruined more lives than anything else. And was an excuse to systemically single out blacks and Mexicans and fill the prisons for free labour. While whites use drugs at the same rate, it's the aforementioned that dissperornently are punshed by the laws. And used to further the race conflict so we can be distracted while the international jew robs us blind.

You think I'm irrational, I think you're a retard. Anything going forward besides leaving me alone proves your retardation.

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It's no accident that all porn sites display tranny advertisements too.

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