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That apple tastes so damn good, well, other than the little bit of poison in it.

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I thought the clotshot manufacturers are immune to lawsuits

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She said one school had 10- and 11-year-old girls participate in a “condom race” in which they ran, in front of male classmates, to be the first to put a condom on a model of an erect adult male penis

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Forged by fire hardens the steel

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and an officer. I didn’t have the opportunity to defend myself in any manner. My killer approached me as I sat in my squad car, lights on, engine running, and pulled the trigger. I was left to die, and was later found slumped over the steering wheel. I was a veteran, and a survivor of Desert Storm. I did not, however, survive serving those in my own community. I was senselessly taken from my four daughters, and my fiancé. My name is Jeffrey Westerfield, and my life mattered.

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He should have said what we all know to be true. The office of the REAL President of the United States

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This is my concern. I seriously hope the guy doesn't beat himself up too bad. We are often harder on ourselves than our critics can ever be.

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See you in 2024. Would 2024 be the first election of two dueling presidents?

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The image should have morphed to a picture of barron, since our god emperor looks more youthful with age.

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