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The actual article if you looked it up was the opposite

It was a trans man, born a woman, who still has a cervix, and the article saying yes they should get checked out

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OP is a faggot for posting fake shit and discrediting this community


Accelerate the collapse already

1200 retards won’t survive the collapse

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200 comments and 1200 post upvotes

Has to scroll way down here to find a single person with a brain in their head

No wonder I don’t come here anymore

Fucking retards

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So the curve of the earth changes in this video and you don’t see an issue with it?

How many times do you need to be told that fish eye lenses exist before you get it

Look at the curve at 0:05 and then compare that to 0:18

I’ve lost all patience for retards

You won’t survive the collapse

Watch your video again, shill

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No mention of the testicle crushings?

They tortured the German men by crushing their testicles to get them to “admit” to things like gas chambers, etc

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“Meme of the day” kills my meme boner

Trim it off and reupload, imo

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Also in the news

Shit smells bad



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His fuse seems to be SHORT lately


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Yeah, Donnie fked up here

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Weird how they don’t mention that part in history class

Among a few other things…

No one learns about the holodomor because it was the Jewish led Bolsheviks committing the genocide

Yagoda responsible for at least 10 million deaths but he was Jewish so we don’t hear about that guy

60+ million White Christians lost their lives during that period and many died by horrific vicious murders

They don’t teach us about communism because they want to use the tactics again

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‘85 here with parents who didn’t teach me a single thing except good examples of how not to be involved parents

Better for it, imo

Bit of a touchy subject for me, seeing boomers rip on young generations as if it wasn’t 90 percent their fault

I read “youn” as “your” and have seen the old shitting on the young a thousand times so I went right there w it

Gl fren


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Then it was your generation who left them for helpless

Fucking dumb boomers blaming anyone but themselves

imagine a parent blaming the child for misbehaving

It’s your fault “your generation is as dumb as they come”, and it was also your parents fault for fucking your generation up

Take some responsibility for once

It’s grey haired graveyard boomers in the White House, not kids born in the fucking 1980s


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The anti-White narrative is more obvious than the covid bullshit

Only the densest of skulls can’t see it at this point

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Heard about this and the meme I saw it was comparing it to Somalia

In Somalia, two men found guilty and sentenced to public execution for gang raping and killing a 12 year old

the father of the victim selected the method: firing squad, and he inspected the bodies after to ensure they were dead

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