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Whatever will the CIA think of next

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This was just a pretence for stalling the audit. Obviously.

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Thank you. Someone with common sense. Though, I wouldn’t put it past the CIA.

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It’s an interesting argument and one that is not being had on any serious level. I think you have bought into the opposition’s argument here.

The point of the post is that rights based arguments do not require explanation. But that is not to say that you accept a rights based argument.

I think if you knowingly expose people to the virus, that is wrong, criminal even. If you’re isolating that’s okay.

I also think you are your own responsibility not mine. I do not tell you how to manage your finances or exercise or healthcare all of which may impact on me.

Although on your reasoning I should be able to arrest a fatass for putting us all at risk by his poor health.

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By adding explanation, you miss the point of the post. You do not need a reason or reasoning.

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It’s not an argument. It’s a right.

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That’s not what those numbers mean. Misleading post.

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Wtf is a birth-given right? Is this like amen and awomen? Or like birthing person? So hard to keep track of newspeak...

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For every whiny low effort post there’s a person low-effort whining about it.

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I now choose to live my live as a vegan man.

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Pandas manage to breed fine on their own, or did? They just couldn’t breed them in captivity cause they were depressed or whatever. But I could be wrong...

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