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props on hating Pakis but obviously I wasn't talking about your ancestors faggot

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Looks like the Italian couldn't get the crime outta her DNA

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Guarantee Nancy Pelosi is going to be working that Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale/Frauderdale to get De Santis out in 2022. Debbie Schulz the reptile-faced witch is the most corrupt official in the state.

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You are an exception to the rule unfortunately, must be because you are Eastern Europeans, you guys are cool.

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First Cuomo and now Don LemonParty, please fire that annoying Uncle Tom.

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Why do Republicans not do this to Democrats when they get into power? I mean there must be an easy way to investigate the hell out of Pelosi and Schumer and Biden yet they don't fucking do it.

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On a better note, De Blasio leaves after this month.

Still though, NYC has gone way downhill under his term as mayor, this guy is a moron.

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I have no idea how a state right above Florida and in the deep south can be so ungodly corrupt and cucked. It's not just politics, try living in Atlanta or Athens, they are just like Portland. Even the "Christians" in that god forsaken state are a bunch of lib cucks.

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