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“killed bin Laden”

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Seriously, didn't he send himself fake anthrax in the mail?

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the military are a bunch of trannies and faggots.

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They let us vote so we blame each other while they rob us blind.

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It’s crazy how effective the propaganda is on some people. I deliver pizza and the other day I pulled into someone’s driveway and they were walking back from their mailbox. This grown ass man, someone’s father, ran away from me in fear, closed the door behind him and pointed at the porch from the window. People are so gay.

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I used to feel that way so now I try to do something horrible to a complete stranger every day. I tell small children they’re ugly, I throw handfuls of change at other cars in traffic, yesterday I spit on someone out of my apartment window. I’ve never felt better, and enjoy each new day excited that I can ruin someone else’s day.

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To indicate it’s for shooting less lethal rubber bullets or pepper balls.

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Reminds me of the guy who shot up the Fort Lauderdale airport a few years ago. He went into an FBI field office in Alaska the day before and told them there were voices in his head telling him to kill people and they basically said “Cool, you do you” and let him go. They also met with the Sandy Hook shooter, the Pulse nightclub shooter and many others before their attacks.

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Kyle wasn’t chasing anyone or trying to arrest them.

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