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Liquid Richard

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Kids are better off running feral in the streets.

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Public schools are a great place to send your kids if you want them to get raped and murdered.

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Dear Wolfgang brings up some good points, I’ve never heard of a mass casualty event where the police declare everyone dead at the scene and refuse to let paramedics in. The moldy shitty schools point however is without merit. Every school in CT is covered in mold and decaying.

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There’s never been a mass shooter at my shooting range.

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Can you imagine the size of the crack rocks Hunter is smoking right now? World record shit.

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Memes work better without spelling mistakes

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I saw this earlier today, seems like this had been planned for years in advance, very strange shit.

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Exactly, it was bad enough that they had become Marxist indoctrination camps that taught nothing valuable, there was still some utility for families to put their kids somewhere safe while they were working. If they can’t even keep rapists and murderers away from the kids they serve no purpose to the average family.

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Looks like the age matches up, 14 years old 4 years ago.

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My point was that that was all they were learning in school anyway.

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Public schools have failed at their most basic level of keeping children safe. The entire public school system should be dismantled. Kids can learn to hate America and their genitals on the internet at home.

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