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What bread lines is this puke reffering to?

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Which ironically is what California has to use for light.

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La Pen should have won France.

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I'm fine with seeing them ground into burger.

That’s uncalled for, I mean, They’re all vaxxed.

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Remember how hard she freaked out when someone shouted “Pepe!”?

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New or old, it is still an expense. Bills still have to be paid each month regardless if they already paid for the equipment to make it which is why I didn’t factor the equipment cost in.

Electric still needs to be paid even if you have been a customer for years.

Salary still needs to be paid regardless if the employee has been there for ten years.

If they rent the warehouse, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been rented. They don’t get a discount for the time they’ve rented.

All for something that won’t sell more than a few.

Will they make a profit from it or barely break even? That was my point, I doubt they will.

And that is based on other novelty products from other companies. A niche market is just that, niche.

Marketing a product the public just isn’t really interested in will not, be profitable. Anyway, I hope that clears it up a bit.

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Of course it’s a gimmick and LGBT is the product.

But the cost to make it, advertising, etc still add up is all I am saying.

It’s going to end up like the gay ice cream.


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My point was that there are other costs and it does add up.

Unless you think it will make them a good profit/that its a good product, I am not sure where you are coming from.

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I walk this back, they bring entitlement and whining to the table.

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ok, 10 cents a bag

add in the cost of the ink to put the design on each bag

add in the cost for potato’s

The electricity for cleaning the potato’s, chip making machinery and cooker

The salt

The salary of the humans who work there

The packaging machines to put them in the bag and then seal them

The boxes to ship it out

packing tape

and the cost/rent of the warehouse it all sits in until shipping

It all does add up and I doubt they will make a profit.

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You can only spend so long banking on your youth.

Very few men want a 30+ year old roastie who brings nothing to the table.

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How much do you think it cost them for a niche audience?

I doubt they will get much profit to recoup the “investment”

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Fistfights, stealing, property damage, and some ho twerking in the middle of it all.

This is what they wanna be known for.

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Why is his head bigger than the one in the pot?

Is that a dirty doll head? or god forbid, a child?

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