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There was a exchange student from Italy at my sons school. He loved it here but he said the same as you. He is a athlete but he said he gained 20 pounds in the 3 months he was here from the crazy food. But he said the same about social media obsession here and basically about people here are all introverts

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Except...they are going to try and pass this off as a amendment to a already agreed upon treaty

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“There are only 2 genders” hahahahaha I work hard every day trying to be like you. Trying to not give a fuck what people may think. For every 1 person that was pissed at you there are 10 others who admire you. God speed

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That cock sucker actually did a video for sundance movie festival. What in the fuck is going on?...

Edit: Correction...Cannes

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Why are all our representatives not sounding like this?

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Man.....so ge got committed to a mental facility and will most likely never get out. His dad is pissed they put him in nursing home cuz everyone knew he was crazy. Ultimately this is on Whitmer

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Bots. There is a shit load of bots. Go into the subreddit where they hust have bots argue over a topic. You couldn’t tell they are fake. I think there is just a shit load of bots and dumb people. Obviously because they kick out the people with common sense

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Actually 4chan showed this was Natalie Biden. She posted on instagram same day in same clothes as well as some other identifying features

Edit: Also based homegirl from OAN has talked about the uncensored pic of this being her

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Again...they don’t care. So we put them on notice. They gotta go and we taking their illegal money from them and their family members money that they funnel it to. While I realize that sounds like im larping but the country is so close to where that idea is not far off

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