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Great link, I can't help but notice it's dumbed down to the point a 5 year old could read it. You may have noticed it doesn't discuss HOW THE FUCKING PILL ACTUALLY WORKS. This should be seen as a red flag when trying to discuss such topics as... HOW THE FUCKING PILL ACTUALLY WORKS.

Now, it may be possible you are somehow confused by big science-y words like implantation and fertilization. But I promise, if you take the time to read up on plan-b from the FDA, the manufacturer, web-md, or any of a myriad of other sources not made for 5 year olds and stupid people, you'll see that my assertion that plan b will prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.

Many people consider fertilization, the joining of baby batter and egg, to be the beginning of life. I personally could give two shits, but I do believe we have a goddamn duty to the truth to not spread motherfucking lies about what plan b does.

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Bullshit. It will absolutely terminate an inseminated, but not yet implanted egg.

It may prevent the union of sperm and egg (fertilization). If fertilization does occur, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb (implantation)

I don't care either way, if it is to be done, it should be done then, but there do exist people that do care and to whom your misinformation could cause them to murder what they consider to be a viable life. Please be more careful.

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Dom sold out his "brother" kyle. Fuck him. Cowardly Traitors don't get loyalty or support. It's far better he be assfucked as a warning to those who would sell out their "brothers" to the state.

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Rush Limbaugh used to have the "SUV update" where he'd point out the great pains articles and their headlines would take to blame the SUV for damage, injuries, and deaths caused by the driver.

Man, I miss that man.

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What innocents are you talking about? We TRIED really, really, really, really hard to be nice. That's gotten are women and children raped and killed. Fuck'em all!

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That's a pretty common problem with people who are really smart in one area and who genuinely trust and love all of humanity.

They're so busy defending actual Nazi"s that they forget that some motherfuckers just need Killin.

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Ian is just the stoner friend who gets hung up on weird caveats to the point that he misses the real picture. He'd argue against the best mp3 compression because the mouse fart got left out of the elephant stampede, even though no one could ever hear the mouse fart.

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Yes, I encourage parents to monitor what their children watch and are exposed to. Since I can do the same with my setup, your argument there would only hold water if the only things on your server are child appropriate, but even then I'd point out that like you, I can easily not have things I disapprove of available.

As to the internet being down, at best that's a push. I can, if I so desire, download a few movies or series to watch in the unlikely event of a prolonged internet outage. I haven't bumped into that in years, but i suppose if I were so addicted to my tv that I couldn't bare it not having something on it, I could have things pre-downloaded.

My overall gestalt argument is ease of use and availability. When I sit down, everything I want is there and ready to stream. There are exceptions for older content, where, like you, I'd have to wait for a torrent to download (MOST everything is already cached on the debrid servers in multiple formats from other users, older/less popular stuff may not already be cached, and may need to be added from either my remote, or through my phone/tablet/pc).

All in all, your setup, and kodi aren't recommended for your mom, whereas my setup is (although it does require 5 -10 minutes initially of someone semi tech savvy). Ease of use, no headaches, and no need for a VPN (or worse, being a goddamn leach) are the advantages of my way. Your way does offer portability should I find myself somewhere without landline or cell service, but I can download if I know that's coming, and if I didn't know it was coming, I have much bigger problems than what's on TV.

I will offer to out this to rest. If you get a free 1 week Premiumize subscription trial from r/Premiumize by messaging "cody_premiumize", I'll buy you a 4 month subscription to "syncler +"( it's what lets you use a debrid service). Just let me know when you get your free Premiumize week, and I'll buy the syncler +.

Just so you don't have to spend any money on the deal. If you don't like it, don't rebuy, I don't care, I don't work for either of them. I just know what's easy, quick, and what works.

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what the fuck is a commercial?

I get everything within an hour of it coming out.

But you'd have to know it was out, wouldn't you.

I'm not sitting there waiting for shows to come up, I watch them when I get time.

Neither am I. I sit down, and scroll through what I want. If it's out, it's there, if it isn't, it isn't there.

I can not only watch shit when ever I want, I can also download them and take them with me where ever I want, resized for the device I'm using.

Funny story, I can download shit too, but i'm never away from an internet connection. So why add the step?

You always have to know what is out, I didn't know GoT was a thing for 3 years while it was out

ah another point in my favor. I have a LOT of rows, one of which is "new in HD" which links directly to giladg and alex's trakt list. Another is "recently aired", which for me just goes to series I'm currently watching.

I don't have to go looking for anything, I have tools that automate that process. I add a movie slated for 2023? Oh hey that downloaded, now we can watch it.

You are spending entirely too much time and effort on what is a truly simple task of sit and scroll, or search. Pick any movie not in your collection, and i'll be watching it before you. Pick any movie that is in your collection, and I'll be watching it at the same time as you, with multiple choices of quality.

again i ask, why do you think I watch commercials? Do you think there's a separate source for torrents that you use that my debrid service doesn't? That seems insane to me. You can disagree with me on the utility of my very easy way to watch what i want when i want, but to suggest that i'm watching commercials proves that I understand what you are doing but you do not understand what i am doing. That makes one of us more knowledgeable than the other, and it isn't you. And, let me just tell you, arguing against someone with more information is never a good plan.

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Are you fucking serious? Why the FUCK would you store shit locally when it can be streamed in any quality you can want instantly? What about shit that comes out tomorrow? Do you just skip it, or do you download it first. Because I stream that shit live, and i never, ever, ever have to wait. I also don't have to hear my wife bitch because i haven't already downloaded the random thing that she wanted to watch.

I went through straight downloads for stuff. Too erratic, always had to "know" what was out, and then manually select.

Then I went with Plex, which was better, but still lacking.

Then I added RSS feeds of tv shows to Plex, and it was better, but i still had to wait.

Then I went with kodi. It was OK, it provided quicker viewing, but had quality issues and kodi itself has maintenance issues to make run well.

Then I added a debrid service to fix kodi's stream quality issues, but it still ran slooooooowwww, even on an nvidia shield, plus it had maintenance issues.

Then I switched to tvzion. It was the best of every world, but the cocksucking government ended that.

Then syncler took its code and separated the "providers" out, making it legally untouchable. So syncler it is.

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And Barnes warned us about a LOT of other things beforehand too. ACB's being a shit choice, for one.

Seriously, our movement would be so much stronger if we listened to the right people rather than the trendy ones.

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Yes, by the security guy who has the family in lockdown by controlling the money. Barnes was providing, for FREE, jury pool information, body language experts, and polling information.

If you look at what he was talking about before, you'll see that his complaints AFTER the trial are consistent, that he warned them about "random jury's", and that letting that "Karen" it n the jury at all was dangerous as fuck.

Watch his free stuff, the Sunday show with Viva frei to be way ahead of the curve. Things he predicted before they happened are:

ACB being a bad supreme court pick.

Lin Wood fucking over Kyle

How the Dems would actually cheat in 2020,

And so much more. He's been right so often that I'm starting to open up to his BIG ASK, no matter how opposed to the idea I am. (That OJ is actually innocent).

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There's next to nothing to "hate" about him. There are things you may or may not like, but "hate"? That's not on the menu.

I don't love his:


""but maybe not"

tempo, but that's just who he is. And I can live with that because right or wrong, he's honest. And, he's swelled our ranks far more than almost any other (excluding Trump himself of course) person.

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I steal their work and DO talk about it .... with EVERYONE! Though the M-She-U is so bad I wouldn't watch black widow, and I won't be watching the eternals, ever.

Now, on to my talking about stealing their shit,. I recommend syncler app for Android devices, it's 15 a year for 5 devices. That, plus a debrid service (real-debrid and Premiumize me are the two best by far) for 3-7 bucks a month is like having every movie or tv show in the highest quality streamed at full speed with no hiccups.

It's like the mandalorian before they fired Gina, "It is the way!"

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Well, I'm sure these cucks were crying for a different reason, but I cried at the verdict. And every time I re-watched it, commentary or no. Hell, I'm misty eyed right now thinking about it. Here we have a young man, a goddamn hero, drug through the process of getting ANALY raped by the state and it comes down to 12 people that statistically 3-5 were gonna want to fry the kid.

Providence. Divine intervention. Hand of God. Motherfucking great magnet laying on the scale.

Call it what you want, but yeah, I cried like a little bitch, and I'm damn proud of it.

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Ok, what were the fbi agents names? She needs her lawyer to get their names and what city they work out of and then to figure out what city they live in. It's a simple, and LEGAL, press release after that .

FBI agents:

John doe of assrape colorado, Jane doe of bumfuck Illinois, Etc Etc

Needlessly raided my clients home on x date at x time.

That's it.

I'm not calling for violence, but these pieces of shit have kids in schools, wives with jobs, and other areas where we can LEGALLY pressure them.


Looks good on a sign, especially one going back and forth on a public sidewalk across from a school, or on the public sidewalk right in front of a wife's business.

No more, they've played their illegal cards, and we haven't played our LEGAL, if distasteful cards. So, fuck'em. We'll cover our cards in shit, and figuritively shove them down their throats.

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That actually sounds like a good way. Toss the boomerang in, let it drag the target out. It'll save time.

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Your experience in courtrooms is lacking. The 2 or 1 almost ALWAYS cave. Though hung is the most likely verdict at this point, followed by innocent, followed by compromise. Idealism clouds most things.

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Because if it's a fair and honest jury, they look at the evidence and vote to acquit before lunch. 1 or two easy holdouts get worked over and we get a verdict yesterday.

Now, the most likely situations are a compromise verdict where they agree to 1 or two lesser charges just to get home, -or- people keep holding out in both directions, which is a hung jury.

How long would you hold out in the room if it was 11 vs you? I'd go until the heat death of the universe, hopefully you would too, but now imagine you're a crazed leftist, they'd hold out too.

So, compromise which is a few guilty's or hing which is none. Those are your most likely verdicts, and that's the reason... there's no "compromise" verdict that doesn't include a guilty of two.

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It is a good idea, and they're all good people. You can go get fucked.

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