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Globalist controlled MSM hid this consistently for 4 years to ruin his name. Free helicopter ride candidates, the lot of them.

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Typical communist language games. You are the stormfags, we are the MAGA, you need to GTFO, you are not wanted.

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Glad to see you are not triggered and crying under every single anti storm fag post ever. ( Thank you for saving me the effort of salt mining. )

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Its not about me, stormfaggot :D

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They left local elections wide open the fraud though. The London Mayoral election had all the vulnerabilities of the 2020 US election, plus balots titled "DO NOT FOLD", meaning Jovan Pulitzer techniques of auditing wont even work. Computers took 4 days to count what people could count in about 6 hours. Then - the left 'won'.

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They just stole the London Mayoral election, results TBC. Everything from November 2020 PLUS: Ballots titled DO NOT FOLD HERE, so you can nver audit them - they are Jovan Pulitzer proof

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they arent anti Christian, they had a worship related crushing disaster with lives lost just recently in Israel.

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It's actually unfair that I can only give you one updoot for this ! :D

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Former vice president biden is in the White House without legitimacy. Period

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Woah there!! Dont question me, I identify as a womxn of cxlxr, xx axxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Xx?

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I really fucking hate lefties so much

They are literally bastardising and propagandising the sciences.

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